Fans on the verge of despair due to Respawn hints: “This is either divine trolling or Titanfall 3”

Titanfall fans more and more fall into despair after the recent intra -game teasers, getting to the point that they are now rummaging in the Red Hot Chili Peppers catalog in search of tips about the potential third part of the beloved series.

Over the past couple of months, Titanfall 2 has received a number of updates that eliminate long -standing problems with servers and errors in old levels. Respawn has developed the game APEX Legends, which also technically takes place in the Titanfall universe, and in recent patches there were links to the date of the Titanfall Games. Despite the lack of official reports of any major announcements of the series, these teasers lead fans to many guesses.

Judging by the reports on Reddit, such as it, entitled "The new mode is a reference to the 3rd song of the album Red Hot Chili Peppers, I can’t stand it anymore", These speculations begin to quickly get out of control.

So, among the latest updates Titanfall 2 – regular updating of game lists. The last of them was the Otherside mode ("Other side"). As noted in the message on Reddit, Otherside is the name of the song of the Red Hot Chili Peppes group, in fact, the third song released as a single from the seventh studio album of Californication. Yes, "The third", how in "Titanfall 3", And until the seventh anniversary of the Titanfall 2 exit, only a few weeks were left.

Comments in this topic are quite diverse, but their tone is best expressed by this message from Elite-Soul, which says that "At the moment, it is either trolling at the level of God, or recognition". There is also mr_m0rte, which simply repeats "Titanfall 3 Real" again and again. Many players, arguing about Titanfall 3, are impartially respond to their own mental health, and the entire Titanfall community has turned, in fact, into memes about increasingly ridiculous speculations on the topic.

As for The Otherside, this mode has been present in the game for several years, just now he finally returned to the rotation of the playlist. And the Otherside song is actually the fourth song of Californication – it was only the third single released from the album.


Atlas Fallen developers fixed the flights in the first update of the game

Atlas Fallen role -playing with a third -person view at the beginning of this month went on a PC and consoles. Unfortunately, the release of such an ambitious game was overshadowed by annoying technical errors. The authors of the project from the DECK13 Interactive studio did not spend much time creating a large patch and tried to eliminate the main problems already in the first update.

A small update was released for Atlas Fallen, the main purpose of which is a fix of critical errors. As declared in the Deck13 Interactive, they managed to find the reason for the flights of the game on all platforms and eliminate it. In addition, they increased stability and corrected other known errors.

Notes to update Atlas Fallen:

  • Fixed game failure while using "Observer is rage".
  • Fixed the hovering of the shield due to an unsuccessful choice of the time for using the splitter.
  • Fixed failure in cooperative mode, which prevented the session.
  • The stone of the essence of the imperious bastion can become inaccessible if the level of “the fury of the observer in wild lands” was not completed before the main task => The stone is now sold with a wandering merchant at the “Citadel” level if you missed it.
  • The stone instinct essence can become inaccessible if it did not fall out of the magician during his 2 battles with him => The magician is now revived at the level of the citadel, in the marshy area.
  • In rare cases, the DLC for pre -order may not be opened with the allegee in the Wasteland, but with a gravity later in the game => DLC for pre -ordering now opens sequentially with the alleged anvil in the wasteland.

According to Deck13 Interactive, they continue to carefully monitor the reviews of Atlas Fallen players. The next patch is already being prepared for the game, which will eliminate a number of other small errors in the gameplay on the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.


System Shock remake has good sales – in the first week the game has earned almost $ 3 million

Developed by Nightdive Studios and published Prime Matter, this 1994 classic remake conquered players with his exciting gameplay and intriguing plot. Since its exit on Steam on May 30, 2023, System Shock received stunning reviews of both players and critics.

Even before System Shock, a lot of attention was borne: about 500,000 players were impatiently added to the game to the Steam desire list. This prenatal expectation became evidence of the excitement around the game and laid the foundation for its success.

During the first week after entering Steam, according to the Gamesensor forecast, System Shock reached amazing sales indicators, which amounted to almost 3 million dollars. The number of System Shock copies sold during this period exceeded all expectations, reaching almost 80,000 copies.

It is noteworthy that System Shock is available on various platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

English -speaking players make up a significant part of the System Shock community on Steam, they account for more than 85% of purchases.

Glory to everyone who makes them the cashier!

Ave to everyone who does it!

Immersiv-Sim that I could))

Actually, the 2 part is immortal. And this is just a bin simulator

And what is there so immersive, which is not in the first part?

The second part is more RPG

Xs. I have always liked the first part more. Without any garbage in the form of pumping, tsifs, weapons that in the future breaks from one bunch. The second to play from the firearm is trite not interesting in view of his disability.

And as for me, she looks more like a bio -chief.

Who what? Just a stupid nanite system that only interferes with playing normal, without a coope, the game does not work at all like a game, you write about the second system of shock?

Deus ex tobrush time

There is a fan mod Deus Ex Revision, with recycled models and textures and a mod that adds Render through Directx11 in the game. This is enough for the game to look normal. But the first System Shock was really an ancient sprite and with a bunch of problems with the interface. He really needed this remake.

GMDX 9 is better than a revision – closer to the spirit of the original, while no less beautiful than audit

Yes, but the holy Deus is also 20 years ago. Textures, and the smooth modern gameplay, natural animations and other joys will be very pleasant if these de people make it with the same approach. I hope they take this step as follows.

The developers of the latest parts of the DEUS EX game not so long ago received the rights to the trademark back from the publisher. The publisher did not allow other games in the series due to low sales. And now the inconspes are thinking of continuing to do. They simply will not have time to make some old remakes.

Ooh .. how I ducked into it, I can’t emerge) a wonderful burn. I want the second s.S. From these guys

Since when did 80,000 copies of steel "Awesome sales indicator"? Even for aa game.

So this is another author’s extension. What kind of hype is about, only he knows. In fact – this indicator is extremely modest, if you recall that pre -orders were opened more than two years ago (they are included in this amount) and the multi -platform future release, including the outgoing generation. Any Indiacetine collects so much, or even more often.

The information on 500k players who with impatience added it to the desired steam, but I just bought it there at best every tenth. Either patience was not enough, or on the contrary, they still endure. It seems that the expectations were still higher than the indicated figure. The remake turned out to be good, maybe the mouth will accelerate the word for the summer sale and the numbers will grow up.

Pixel graphics scared the players

Depending on what to come from. At the moment, about a hundred thousand people made by a small studio a game made by a small studio.

At the same time, the aggregate reviews give 89% of positive assessments.

Purchases are going on, despite the fact that since the start of sales there has not been a single discount on it.

Quite a solid result.

Depending on what to come from. At the moment, about a hundred thousand people made by a small studio a game made by a small studio.

From the facts you need to proceed, and not give out the desired truth. Judging by the news, 100k copies have not yet been sold at all on all platforms, and this is not only Steam, but also a GOG, and the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. Although it is not clear how they believed, if based on profit, then the commission is different everywhere. Steamspai shows with great error, especially with small sales.

Naturally, not units remember the game. Firstly, because it was the leader of the list of desired, ahead of the promoted blockbusters, and secondly, this is a cult project, the same show is regularly high in tops "The best villain of the video game". Well, and finally, it’s enough to look at the number of news, the degree of waiting and other coming factors, which are simply there are a priori.

The reviews are good – I wrote about this, there is still backlash, no one argues with this, the game is really praised.

Purchases have been going on for two years with GAK, pre -orders were opened in February 2021. Most of the profit comes at the start of sales, even before the first sale, this is almost an axiom. In some projects, only 100k is easily gained on the release, while there is not any exclusive a thread, there were opportunities to pretend to be a wagon, and regional price tags are quite democratic. It seems that people simply waited for the worst because of the series of the same transfers and inconspicuous demos, or preferred to wait, buying a different one, or pirate.

Again, depending on what to compare with, for the noun of the project, which started from scratch – undoubtedly. For this game with its backstory, I would not say that and certainly would not have earned, boasting such numbers. It is interesting what the budget was the operating room there, the studio was small, but they worked for a long time.

I write all this without negativity, if that, I can only wish them good luck. I did not wait for miracles, I did not nostalgic much, especially everything after the same demo, but glad that it turned out well and the playing people liked it. The numbers will still grow up, sales, plus console release.


Xenonauts 2 tactical strategy is in early access in mid -July

Hooded Horse reported the release date of Xenonauts 2, the long -awaited continuation of the 2014 Xenonauts. Reflect the upcoming invasion when on July 18, 2023, a strategic song game will enter the early access to PC in Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store.

In an alternative temporary scale, where the Cold War never ended, players should lead a multinational organization in coordinated efforts to investigate and reflect alien activity around the world. Build a global network of bases, arrest and train elite detachments to respond to invasions, and find out the true goals of the enemy as the war for the survival of humanity is aggravated.

Xenonauts 2 offers complete strategic freedom in the development of war. The bases can be built anywhere in the globe and specialized in accordance with the general strategy of the player. Successfully located listening posts can warn fighter bases so that they raise interceptors and shot down enemy aircraft that may investigate the nearest garrison. The enemy will also not ignore xenonauts – make sure that the most important objects are well protected, as the enemy will look for and try to destroy these bases.

The fight against aliens takes place on several fronts, and air battle is as important as the clash of the boots with the ground. Xenoanuts 2 offers interactive air battles in real time, when entire fighters can simultaneously attack alien ships. Maintaining the fleet in working condition and equipping the latest technologies is crucial for hostilities.

Detailed ground -based tactical battles Xenonauts 2 offer a diverse set of alien invaders hiding behind every angle that sympathizers helping, trying to promote the enemy’s work. Soldiers organically develop skills depending on their actions in battle, and as the level of technology for organizing veterans, you can specialize and equip advanced weapons and armor and armor. There are no classes in Xenonauts – only soldiers, and they can be configured with different equipment depending on skills, missions’ needs, or simply on what is in the arsenal.


Svyazhich in the zombie-apocalypse Humanitz was released in early access Steam

Humanitz, a groaning zombie game game with a view of the top and an open world with elements of role -playing game from the developer Yodubzz Studios and Freedom Games, today a PC in the early access Steam was released.

Explicate every dangerous day in the world that is more and more falling apart. Save humanity from the verge of extinction, looking for resources and driving away random “zikov”. Or find peace in chaos, doing agriculture, fishing, hunting and avoiding the dangers of gloomy reality.

Set up with the help of perks, characteristics and firearms. Slow, shaky ziki can crush the enemy due to their number, while others require more skillful hands and clear strategy to win. Make your way through the gone civilization, traveling along a confusing dark desert and destroying buildings in desert cities using a variety of transport and constantly changing weather.

Create everything you need: from rescue equipment to key supplies. Build a safe house from scratch or turn an abandoned building into a house that can be used as a center when planning the next step. Climb to the top of the food chain alone or go up to the network multiplayer game with a detachment of four survivors, hoping that today will not be the last for them.

There is still nothing better than Project Zomboid

It’s hard to argue, but alas, the zombie also bored with time. Even with mods.

Because it is a plotted sandbox, any sandbox is bored, this is its essence) it was created for children initially and we all ever grow it.

Don’t tell me. The problem of boring open worlds has long been known for the game design and is always solved in one single way: progress. A person in games almost always needs to strive for something. Here is the progression or in pumping the character (skills, clothes, etc.e) or surrounded (an interesting world that you explore, constantly finding a new one or form something of your type of base, where there is always a new machine, new craft, etc.e). And here in the zomboid with this as elsewhere. Until a certain point, you are interested in exploring the world and pump yourself to build a base and all that. But then, having already played enough time, you understand that the world as a whole is the same, in different cities, in fact, the same thing, and you have no particular difference where to go. Having built the base, you understand what to do with it nothing more. And here realism is faced with playing boredom- then you need to survive that in life it would be a necessary routine, on which you yourself depend, and in the game you just get bored. But until this point, zombie is the best survywach about the zombie of all that is.

Pumping is not interesting if it is not associated with the storyline, preferably not the only. Pumping for the sake of pumping – it’s like a loot for the sake. The meaningless wandering even through a huge and even rich world, but does not have a common goal (become God, villain, savior, ruler, defeat the main thing, etc.D.) get bored very quickly.

IMHO, before making a game of something or in the genre of something, the developers probably ask themselves the question: where would I like to get, where to be, who would be there and what I would become and would like to do there?

For example, here I am (really me). I would like to get to the zombiepocalypse? Well, I would like to have a zombiap on our Earth? I would like to. So we (I) determine if we have a target audience – will anyone be interested.

Here I am fantasize: what would I want the zombiap to be? After all, they are also drawn differently in the mass culture, in some this is a strictly expressed canon, in others, they are divided into classes – some ordinary ones, others run quickly, others spit, fourth huge tanks, etc.D. Someone invents that it all started with mysticism, someone has the result (not) of a successful scientific experiment that has gone out of control. Which person is interesting to me personally? Here, too, is also a scope for imagination. If we choose mysticism, then there should be a necromancer somewhere that he raised all this. Either it is some kind of amateur nyuster who accidentally discovered the necronomicon and read in it either or not. In the second case, the guy is probably already dead, he himself became a victim of his stupid mistake. Or did not. And where did such a book come from? And if we talk about a scientific experiment, where is the epicenter – who is a zero patient, in which country is the laboratory? Is there a medicine? Or there should not be a medicine if we are not talking about a mutation, but about the revived dead. The topic of mutants is not at all interesting to me, so in both cases I want there to be a zombie with real Andes. I also want it to be classic dead (as an example: a 2004 film "The dawn of the dead" Or a British mini -sisterial "Dead end"). Further, I have not yet decided if I want the origin of everything to be scientific or mystical. After all, among other things, mysticism can allow any other evil spirits – vampires, demons, portals in hell.D. I want this or not that? In general, I like mysticism, but I’m more inclined to "scientific" variations of justification, so let everything be in science (it is clear that science is conditional here, because all educated people know that the dead do not come to life).

Another important point is a zombie bite. What will happen to the person who was bitten by the zombie? There are at least 3 options: nothing (if you have not broken the artery), it will be very filed without proper treatment (you need to have a supply of drugs and first -aid kits) and will turn into zombies itself after a while (depending on the place of the bite and the number of bites will play the speed of circulation).

More – on the planet. Whether the zombiap will be associated with, for example, global cooling or the climate will not change, the sun is still shining, the birds are singing, they bathe in the sea? I like the option "Florida" (let’s call it like that) when the climate is pleasant and pleases the eye. And, by the way, where I start my way? In a country where all four seasons, or in some tropics? Or where else? And can I change locations? I like the option "Florida", But I want more realism and therefore I choose the central part of UK, the metropolis (the former – now there is a zombiepolis, there were a lot of people who were pushed). Ordinary climate, t.e., For me, all seasons are available. I start, for example, in winter, under NG))

And so, in our real life, something happens on our planet, which is why the world is rapidly immersed in zombies. Around chaos, you don’t have to work, but you’ll go out onto the street, it’s unsafe even to go to the store for food. I am in this situation in what position I am? That is, initially my basic possibilities? Who am I? Oligarch, military, hacker, unlimited girl, child, etc.D.? Well, the girl and the child fall away immediately (for me personally, of course), the rest of the options will not be impressed either – I want to play for myself the real. And this means that the average person of middle age, average prosperity, not outstanding abilities. In short, ordinary.

What am I doing? What I want and what I can? And – what will I do? Is I burdened with something? Do I have flaws?

Suppose I have a family, excess weight (but not obesity) and the average physical form. But in order to withstand the zombies, even a few, to be Schwarznegger is not necessary – and the crowd and special forces will break. I probably won’t quit my family and I will continue the life of the layman with the adjustment for safety, search for food, things, strengthening the home, shooting rare bandits. Here, in fact, a banal sandbox draws up – yes. And – no perks and pumping, except, except, perhaps, the real parameters of a person: breathing, muscles and ligaments, endurance, insignificant skills in certain skills (a clear thing that you will not become a car mechanic, even if you live on this matter, but You will not need to work systematically). Here, day a day, there will be a relatively monotonous life.

And I can also begin to lead a second life. And here, just. And the plot for the sandbox will appear! I want the plot? Want! So, for example, I secretly think of somewhere away from my home and family to equip a hidden refuge from which it is impossible to escape and which it is impossible to get out of a stranger, and I quietly begin the search and capture of young sexy-chan for my indecent pleasures)) And then everything It may happen: they can open me (moreover, quite quickly), but they may not open it, I can still become that pervert and even cannibal, I can repent and let them go (or cut, and fill up with the shelter so that no one is found) – In general, a full flight of imagination and realism.

Or I can try to good and justice and stumble upon such a asylum of zlydoye Pisyukatov, I will reveal all the traps and save the strap))

Or something else.

In general, it was I am extremely sparingly described the possibilities that would make the sandbox reigible and cause a desire to return to it again and again if there was an accidentally generated plot and opportunities for its debugging.


For Baldur’s Gate 3, the 13th hotfix with corrections came out

Larian Studios released a small update in perhaps the biggest night of its existence, correcting several important mistakes, failures, and even some vulnerabilities relating to merchants. While the fifth patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 added the right epilogue to the game, Larian Studios also tried to eliminate some technical disadvantages of the game. A small update corrects a noticeable failure at the end of the second act, as well as a small number of other errors.

Notes to hotfix No. 13:

  • Fixed a possible failure when leaving Act II.
  • Fixed vulnerability that allows you to redeem the merchant for only 1 gold and container.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which the total price in pop-up hints inside containers was not updated when the contents change during trade.
  • Fixed balancing proposals for exchanging, which did not work properly when there is a container with gold in the proposal.
  • Fixed a bug due to which empty bags were sold to sellers at a price of the equivalent value of objects stored in this bag.
  • Improved performance in Baldur’s Gate after a peaceful resolution of the situation with the shield knights on PS5.

After 4 athi, I got crap that the Sopartians often dull when they follow the GG, the obstacles do not jump over the GG, although the force allows, then they will dull the wall, infuriates

My cubes instantly calculates, then stupid. The feeling that incredibly complex calculations are made in the game with any action.

I have such crap from the release.

I have 4 patch in the third act of the Sopartiye stupid, but the whole city was stupidly stupid, now everything is going well, not a single lag, I would say perfectly..

One of those jokes when the game needs to start from scratch, in order to avoid all the bugs because you yourself, you played on the old version, the cache and the remains of the code are stored and put off in the container of files, then the incisions are likely to repair the game, but at the same time, the sail itself is not cleaned from garbage, there is a request to the file and he sends nafig because there is no such code or it is rewritten, which in the end forms new bugs. Something like this (if in a simple language). But I understand perfectly well what can bomb after each micro-patch. Here, either play in a pirate on one version and not updated, or (if a license) – tolerate until they calm down with patches -_- .

Duc, I actually started it again on valor, and this is after 5 patch

Improved performance in Baldur’s Gate after a peaceful resolution of the situation with shield knights

Do not say. This is probably the only craft in the history of the gaming industry that will give birth to such pearls

This is a google translator? English is ok?

On that website? No

Even in the last patch, bugs climbed out, which in 300 hours did not see, jambs with textures and glitches with stretched figures, especially in the second half

The main bug with the stuck of the Sopartians (due to the different lengths of jumps for everyone) so from the release version and did not correct. Everyone jumped over the abyss and one stubbornly and then you need to constantly switch to direct control so that it jumps. This was infuriated on the release and now infuriates at the 2nd passage after a million patches. +Dumb conversations of partners constantly get out 50 to 50.

After visiting the brothel, I lost the display of armor. Already tired of the naked ass gg watch.

I don’t know how others have, but almost every day I have some kind of micro fixes for the game, which download in a second.

Seriously, good Ira and technically impeccable games – these have always been two big differences. I am sorry, as some are surprising from the fact that the game, you see, is artificial and imperfect, there is bugs in it and there is where to improve it.

There would be no rejoicing that at once a masterpiece was appreciated immediately, and not after years and after the bankruptcy of the developers.

Questions to adequate fans of Baldurs. I played almost immediately after the release, so I wonder if they corrected at least a little stupidity in this game.

1) inventory – whether he became, well, at least a little normal. Well, really, worse than inventory, it was simply unrealistic to create. I don’t understand how this game was four years in early access.

2) romance has become at least a little logical? And then, you did nothing, and absolutely everything fell in love with you, even those who have the same gender with you, what specifically spoiled the impression of the game.

3) not a fatal regime – it works fine?

Otherwise it was very unpleasant to find out that there was no sense from him in the quest of the witch on the balts. Well, the quest ended in disgustingly because of this.

4) characters began to react to their death logically? And then I somehow began to kill all the important Persians, straight at the start, and as a result, some quests made me, and when I immediately resurrected one of my victims, she continued the dialogue with me as if I had not killed her. But this is very stupid.

5) the characters who follow you are still stupid? They still enter the lava or other dangerous places in order to make suicide? Well, it was specifically annoyed.

6) I would like to correct children’s dialogs, but it is clear that nothing to change, so okay.

7) the radius of the reaction to the actions of the player in the NPS has increased?

And then I remember, I killed one gnome, and in about 15 meters there were two merchants who led the dialogue, so one of them reacted to the battle, attacking me, and the other calmly continued to chat with that second. And the funny joke, I killed the gnomes, and then, as it did not happen, I sold their things, to the very merchant who stood nearby.

8) and by the way about merchants – after their murder, it is still unknown where, 80% of their goods?


Hearing: Netflix wants to remove the film adaptation of the Baldur’s Gate Games series

According to the Giant Freaking Robot portal, Netflix plans to remove the film adaptation of a series of games Baldur’s Gate. Now she is negotiating to obtain adaptation rights. It is still unknown whether the potential project has been conceived as a film or as a series.

Sources suggest that the interest in the franchise is caused by the predicted failure of the fourth season “Witcher”. According to the media, many fans will turn away from the show after the place of Henry Cavill in the role of Geralt will take Liam Hemsworth. That is why Netflix expects to strengthen its position in the market due to the new fantasy film adaptation.

Baldur’s Gate – a series of computer role -playing games in the Universe of the Dungeons Table & Dragons. The first title was released in 1998, and the last one in 2023.

Yes, who would doubt that it was they who would want to remove) one film adaptation was ruined, proceeding to the next (

Knowing the company, I want to fix the title)

then everything is according to the canon

Why only these bastards from nonflicks. Let’s take someone normal.

You might think something will spoil something) Zoofilia and other LGBT attributes, so beloved by nonflick, are represented in the canon)

Oh yes, it’s different.

At least no one canceled the witcher’s level bowl and all the attributes so beloved by nonfliks to the heap will play the Circus of freaks

Miscist, papier-masha costumes and a complete correspondence of the canons is what to add nonflix.

I think the film adaptation can be remembered in advance

It is not possible, but Exactly Remember.

Only not that, God forbid .

Well, yes, they finished the witcher, then they realized that they decided to go to another franchise. Suddenly there will be more fans. Only now, with such an approach, the remaining fans will soon run away

They want to cut the dough but they put a bolt on quality as usual.

You can not. No one is better than they !

I hope Wizards of the Coast will not sell them

You fade? They are ready to sell the ass for the grandmas

Money does not smell

There are somehow goblin, lemur, kobold, dragon-row and space hamster. Why are they all – black humanoids? And they are from Netflix film adaptation!

Anyone, just not that. Will be like with "Witcher": The interest in the franchise is more than the games have done, they are unlikely to increase, but they can discredit it, the audience will look and say: this Baldur’s Gate is some kind of cring, we will not play it. And the point is not only that the Illitids will become famous as an enlightened non -bureau race, which rejected gender stereotypes, Minsk will immediately begin to explore its sexuality, Elminster will become a wise woman, and the lord of the ball will begin to be a white male. All this notorious "The story" there is at least in the last game – and nothing, no players stopped it. It’s just that Netflix has a long -range product quality has long been in quantity, except for individual projects, most often bought from third -party manufacturers, and franchises, which are carefully monitored by their owners – but it is unlikely that Wizards of the Coast will hold on to the canons and rules of teeth and claws. Large, commercial, entertainment series and film adaptations are often given to those who are not interested in the result, know poorly, or even frankly hates and counts "wrong" or "outdated" raw material. Scenarios are written by random people, many of which do not even have the corresponding experience in writing texts. The third-plan actors are invited to the roles or, more often, some unknown, but equally mediocre young animals, typed by acquaintance or ad, without a single role in the movie. The result is predictable. In addition, games scenarios are, in principle, not the material that is suitable for film adaptation, since it is not designed for passive observation, but for the player’s lively participation. Watch the same thing on the screen can be boring, but well remake is difficult. It’s easier to adapt books or write its own story in the same world, but Paramount Pictures is already doing this ("Dungeons and dragons: honor among thieves"), and so far not too good. Why is Netflix such a high opinion of themselves and are sure that they will get better – without a concept.


CITIES: Skylines served science in a study related to personality disorders

A group of Austrian scientists specializing in psychology conducted a series of research to verify the impact of personality disorders on the skills of solving problems. Gamers will be interested in knowing that during the experiment, the skills of subjects were checked using the popular urban planner Cits: Skylines.

242 adults, former patients of psychiatric and psychosomatic departments were invited to participate in the study. Among the subjects were those who fought with personality disorders and depressive disorders. The following characteristics were highlighted:

  • paranoid features (distrust of others);
  • antisocial (neglect of social obligations and feelings of other people);
  • schizotypic (departure from social life);
  • obsessive-compulsive (excessive perfectionism and inflexibility).

The task of participants in the experiment was to play the popular game of Colossal Order Studio. After a certain time, their successes in the expansion and management of the city should have appreciated the researchers.

Since some of the subjects had not previously had the experience of the game, before completing the assignment they were offered assistance in understanding all the key aspects of the Cities: SkyLines gameplay:.

The authors of the study decided to include in the experiment a popular urban planner due to multidimensional gameplay, proposed by the game, which makes the player make a number of decisions and offers many decisions when clash with the problem. As an argument in favor of the use of CITIES: SkyLines, researchers note:

The game system consists of many components, including a huge number of different buildings (areas, main resources, roads, structures, electricity, water supply, etc.D.), options (fiscal issues, budgeting, lending, movement management, safety, health and education) and parameters (population density, residents’ satisfaction, environmental problems and crime).

The effect of the test group was then evaluated, and on the basis of comparison and analysis of the collected data, researchers were able to draw a number of conclusions.

Players with schizotypic, iron and depressed personality traits did the worst of all with the expansion of the city. Players with symptoms of a dependent and paranoid personality also experienced difficulties. Among these groups, the most common were problems related to the solution of complex tasks set for players in CITies: SkyLines.

According to respondents, schizoid, obsessive-compulsive and antisocial character traits did not have a significant impact on success in the game.

According to Ulrika Kipman, one of the researchers participating in the project, the study showed that character traits directly affect the skills of solving problems.

Among the features that positively affect this aspect, there were orientation on action and work or motivation for creativity. People with higher social skills and more sociable were less successful.

The conclusions also indicate the lack of correlation between personality disorders and better performance during the study:

. No clinical personality structure was associated with a higher effectiveness of solving problems (compared to the level of non -linear features). Since personality disorders are usually associated with an increased level of neuroticism, which, as established, negatively affects the solution of problems, this result is also consistent with general clinical intuition.

With the rapid development and popularization of our environment, one can confidently assume an increasing participation of video games in academic research, as presented in the text above. The flexibility and variety of games means that they can successfully contribute to the development of many areas of science and life.


Rogalik Below The Stone on the topic of gnomes will be released at the PC in the early access in the fourth quarter of 2023

Below the Stone, игра-рогалик на тему гномов, созданная разработчиком Strollart и издателем Apogee Entertainment, выйдет в раннем доступе в четвертом квартале 2023 года, а новая демоверсия уже доступна в Steam для ПК и GOG до выхода на PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X | S in 2024.

The long-awaited Roguelike-game, which included in the top three of the best indie games at the OTK Games Expo 2022 exhibition and included among the two best indie games on Toomanygames 2022 and 2023, reveals that it is hidden outside the kingdom of gnomes, where a long genealogy of the valiant curve miners lives ready to sacrifice everyone to get the endless wealth lying underground.

Grab the kirka and pave the path of endless adventures through the procedurally generated caves, dungeons and ancient ruins in more than 50 biomes.

Start with basic necessities of any good dwarf researcher, picks and helmets, and travel five more and more complex underground layers. Fulfill the missions of your allies-vvarfs to accumulate wealth and raw materials, and melt dozens of unique metals and alloys to create tools, weapons and equipment for the robbery of the Earth.

Find rare metals such as Arkanium, Mifril and Adamantine, as well as mythical precious stones to improve and strengthen armor, or combine precious stones for powerful runes!

Invest in your descents, creating a stronger armor and weapons, increasing the chances of survival. Fight with hordes of animals that lurk in darkness, using a variety of magical, hand -to -hand and long -range weapons, suitable for any style of the game, and come to the aid of useful allies along the way. Prepare for dungeons with many meetings with bosses. Each defeated boss opens the way into the deeper layers of caves, where you will find even more valuable booty and cunning creatures.


A large update was released for the System Shock remake

1994 classical game remake System Shock today received a major update. A remake combining the original gameplay with new visual effects of high clarity, updated control, processed interface and fresh sound design, can now boast of version 1.0, designed to improve the player’s impression from the game at the Citadel station.

We hope that these improvements will make a trip to the station more smooth and unhindered, but do not forget – Shodan always on the alert!

Among the numerous patch updates there are several critical corrections that eliminate the problems that could lead to failures in the game. Such malfunctions arose under various conditions, for example, at the entrance to the flight deck with outdated versions of DX11, when leaving the cyberspace and during the game of the game of Groove. Now players will be able to move around these zones without problems.

In addition, the patch solves several problems with ragders, which were previously dumped when loading into levels or saving. With this patch, this problem no longer exists. Also improved the behavior of ragdall on the human corpse attached to the cortex river. To see these changes, players will need to save the game at least once after loading the patch.

Weapons problems are another key area raised in this patoc. Weapons with installed moddates did not always correctly display the attachment equipment, and the Magnum laser sight did not work properly when loading the conservation with the sight on. Both of these problems were eliminated in patch 1.0.

As for the sound accompaniment, the patch corrects the mistake in which the music from the elevator continued to play even after the death of the player’s character and his revival at a different level. The disappearance of portraits of the audio journal under certain conditions has also been fixed.

Gameplay improvements occupy an important place in patches, for example, improved AI for enemies both in real and in cyberspace, balanced changes in the level "Cyberspace maintenance" and more functional laser point for Magnum weapons. Also added the HEADBOB option in accessibility settings and the new autosasion function for each use of the surgical machine, regardless of the level of complexity.

Among other improvements: credit machines will now issue three loans when using a financial chip, broadcasting monitors can be divided when attacking, and the miniPistol miniPistol Burst-Fire Modkit now shoots three cartridges instead of two, with the possibility of turning on and off.

In addition, the patch guarantees that the biotans will cease to generate the danger some time after the destruction, and the objects can be conveniently tied to the hot panel by pressing the hot key when the cursor is brought to the subject.