According to the Giant Freaking Robot portal, Netflix plans to remove the film adaptation of a series of games Baldur’s Gate. Now she is negotiating to obtain adaptation rights. It is still unknown whether the potential project has been conceived as a film or as a series.

Sources suggest that the interest in the franchise is caused by the predicted failure of the fourth season “Witcher”. According to the media, many fans will turn away from the show after the place of Henry Cavill in the role of Geralt will take Liam Hemsworth. That is why Netflix expects to strengthen its position in the market due to the new fantasy film adaptation.

Baldur’s Gate – a series of computer role -playing games in the Universe of the Dungeons Table & Dragons. The first title was released in 1998, and the last one in 2023.

Yes, who would doubt that it was they who would want to remove) one film adaptation was ruined, proceeding to the next (

Knowing the company, I want to fix the title)

then everything is according to the canon

Why only these bastards from nonflicks. Let’s take someone normal.

You might think something will spoil something) Zoofilia and other LGBT attributes, so beloved by nonflick, are represented in the canon)

Oh yes, it’s different.

At least no one canceled the witcher’s level bowl and all the attributes so beloved by nonfliks to the heap will play the Circus of freaks

Miscist, papier-masha costumes and a complete correspondence of the canons is what to add nonflix.

I think the film adaptation can be remembered in advance

It is not possible, but Exactly Remember.

Only not that, God forbid .

Well, yes, they finished the witcher, then they realized that they decided to go to another franchise. Suddenly there will be more fans. Only now, with such an approach, the remaining fans will soon run away

They want to cut the dough but they put a bolt on quality as usual.

You can not. No one is better than they !

I hope Wizards of the Coast will not sell them

You fade? They are ready to sell the ass for the grandmas

Money does not smell

There are somehow goblin, lemur, kobold, dragon-row and space hamster. Why are they all – black humanoids? And they are from Netflix film adaptation!

Anyone, just not that. Will be like with "Witcher": The interest in the franchise is more than the games have done, they are unlikely to increase, but they can discredit it, the audience will look and say: this Baldur’s Gate is some kind of cring, we will not play it. And the point is not only that the Illitids will become famous as an enlightened non -bureau race, which rejected gender stereotypes, Minsk will immediately begin to explore its sexuality, Elminster will become a wise woman, and the lord of the ball will begin to be a white male. All this notorious "The story" there is at least in the last game – and nothing, no players stopped it. It’s just that Netflix has a long -range product quality has long been in quantity, except for individual projects, most often bought from third -party manufacturers, and franchises, which are carefully monitored by their owners – but it is unlikely that Wizards of the Coast will hold on to the canons and rules of teeth and claws. Large, commercial, entertainment series and film adaptations are often given to those who are not interested in the result, know poorly, or even frankly hates and counts "wrong" or "outdated" raw material. Scenarios are written by random people, many of which do not even have the corresponding experience in writing texts. The third-plan actors are invited to the roles or, more often, some unknown, but equally mediocre young animals, typed by acquaintance or ad, without a single role in the movie. The result is predictable. In addition, games scenarios are, in principle, not the material that is suitable for film adaptation, since it is not designed for passive observation, but for the player’s lively participation. Watch the same thing on the screen can be boring, but well remake is difficult. It’s easier to adapt books or write its own story in the same world, but Paramount Pictures is already doing this ("Dungeons and dragons: honor among thieves"), and so far not too good. Why is Netflix such a high opinion of themselves and are sure that they will get better – without a concept.