Below the Stone, игра-рогалик на тему гномов, созданная разработчиком Strollart и издателем Apogee Entertainment, выйдет в раннем доступе в четвертом квартале 2023 года, а новая демоверсия уже доступна в Steam для ПК и GOG до выхода на PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X | S in 2024.

The long-awaited Roguelike-game, which included in the top three of the best indie games at the OTK Games Expo 2022 exhibition and included among the two best indie games on Toomanygames 2022 and 2023, reveals that it is hidden outside the kingdom of gnomes, where a long genealogy of the valiant curve miners lives ready to sacrifice everyone to get the endless wealth lying underground.

Grab the kirka and pave the path of endless adventures through the procedurally generated caves, dungeons and ancient ruins in more than 50 biomes.

Start with basic necessities of any good dwarf researcher, picks and helmets, and travel five more and more complex underground layers. Fulfill the missions of your allies-vvarfs to accumulate wealth and raw materials, and melt dozens of unique metals and alloys to create tools, weapons and equipment for the robbery of the Earth.

Find rare metals such as Arkanium, Mifril and Adamantine, as well as mythical precious stones to improve and strengthen armor, or combine precious stones for powerful runes!

Invest in your descents, creating a stronger armor and weapons, increasing the chances of survival. Fight with hordes of animals that lurk in darkness, using a variety of magical, hand -to -hand and long -range weapons, suitable for any style of the game, and come to the aid of useful allies along the way. Prepare for dungeons with many meetings with bosses. Each defeated boss opens the way into the deeper layers of caves, where you will find even more valuable booty and cunning creatures.