Atlas Fallen role -playing with a third -person view at the beginning of this month went on a PC and consoles. Unfortunately, the release of such an ambitious game was overshadowed by annoying technical errors. The authors of the project from the DECK13 Interactive studio did not spend much time creating a large patch and tried to eliminate the main problems already in the first update.

A small update was released for Atlas Fallen, the main purpose of which is a fix of critical errors. As declared in the Deck13 Interactive, they managed to find the reason for the flights of the game on all platforms and eliminate it. In addition, they increased stability and corrected other known errors.

Notes to update Atlas Fallen:

  • Fixed game failure while using "Observer is rage".
  • Fixed the hovering of the shield due to an unsuccessful choice of the time for using the splitter.
  • Fixed failure in cooperative mode, which prevented the session.
  • The stone of the essence of the imperious bastion can become inaccessible if the level of “the fury of the observer in wild lands” was not completed before the main task => The stone is now sold with a wandering merchant at the “Citadel” level if you missed it.
  • The stone instinct essence can become inaccessible if it did not fall out of the magician during his 2 battles with him => The magician is now revived at the level of the citadel, in the marshy area.
  • In rare cases, the DLC for pre -order may not be opened with the allegee in the Wasteland, but with a gravity later in the game => DLC for pre -ordering now opens sequentially with the alleged anvil in the wasteland.

According to Deck13 Interactive, they continue to carefully monitor the reviews of Atlas Fallen players. The next patch is already being prepared for the game, which will eliminate a number of other small errors in the gameplay on the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.