Humanitz, a groaning zombie game game with a view of the top and an open world with elements of role -playing game from the developer Yodubzz Studios and Freedom Games, today a PC in the early access Steam was released.

Explicate every dangerous day in the world that is more and more falling apart. Save humanity from the verge of extinction, looking for resources and driving away random “zikov”. Or find peace in chaos, doing agriculture, fishing, hunting and avoiding the dangers of gloomy reality.

Set up with the help of perks, characteristics and firearms. Slow, shaky ziki can crush the enemy due to their number, while others require more skillful hands and clear strategy to win. Make your way through the gone civilization, traveling along a confusing dark desert and destroying buildings in desert cities using a variety of transport and constantly changing weather.

Create everything you need: from rescue equipment to key supplies. Build a safe house from scratch or turn an abandoned building into a house that can be used as a center when planning the next step. Climb to the top of the food chain alone or go up to the network multiplayer game with a detachment of four survivors, hoping that today will not be the last for them.

There is still nothing better than Project Zomboid

It’s hard to argue, but alas, the zombie also bored with time. Even with mods.

Because it is a plotted sandbox, any sandbox is bored, this is its essence) it was created for children initially and we all ever grow it.

Don’t tell me. The problem of boring open worlds has long been known for the game design and is always solved in one single way: progress. A person in games almost always needs to strive for something. Here is the progression or in pumping the character (skills, clothes, etc.e) or surrounded (an interesting world that you explore, constantly finding a new one or form something of your type of base, where there is always a new machine, new craft, etc.e). And here in the zomboid with this as elsewhere. Until a certain point, you are interested in exploring the world and pump yourself to build a base and all that. But then, having already played enough time, you understand that the world as a whole is the same, in different cities, in fact, the same thing, and you have no particular difference where to go. Having built the base, you understand what to do with it nothing more. And here realism is faced with playing boredom- then you need to survive that in life it would be a necessary routine, on which you yourself depend, and in the game you just get bored. But until this point, zombie is the best survywach about the zombie of all that is.

Pumping is not interesting if it is not associated with the storyline, preferably not the only. Pumping for the sake of pumping – it’s like a loot for the sake. The meaningless wandering even through a huge and even rich world, but does not have a common goal (become God, villain, savior, ruler, defeat the main thing, etc.D.) get bored very quickly.

IMHO, before making a game of something or in the genre of something, the developers probably ask themselves the question: where would I like to get, where to be, who would be there and what I would become and would like to do there?

For example, here I am (really me). I would like to get to the zombiepocalypse? Well, I would like to have a zombiap on our Earth? I would like to. So we (I) determine if we have a target audience – will anyone be interested.

Here I am fantasize: what would I want the zombiap to be? After all, they are also drawn differently in the mass culture, in some this is a strictly expressed canon, in others, they are divided into classes – some ordinary ones, others run quickly, others spit, fourth huge tanks, etc.D. Someone invents that it all started with mysticism, someone has the result (not) of a successful scientific experiment that has gone out of control. Which person is interesting to me personally? Here, too, is also a scope for imagination. If we choose mysticism, then there should be a necromancer somewhere that he raised all this. Either it is some kind of amateur nyuster who accidentally discovered the necronomicon and read in it either or not. In the second case, the guy is probably already dead, he himself became a victim of his stupid mistake. Or did not. And where did such a book come from? And if we talk about a scientific experiment, where is the epicenter – who is a zero patient, in which country is the laboratory? Is there a medicine? Or there should not be a medicine if we are not talking about a mutation, but about the revived dead. The topic of mutants is not at all interesting to me, so in both cases I want there to be a zombie with real Andes. I also want it to be classic dead (as an example: a 2004 film "The dawn of the dead" Or a British mini -sisterial "Dead end"). Further, I have not yet decided if I want the origin of everything to be scientific or mystical. After all, among other things, mysticism can allow any other evil spirits – vampires, demons, portals in hell.D. I want this or not that? In general, I like mysticism, but I’m more inclined to "scientific" variations of justification, so let everything be in science (it is clear that science is conditional here, because all educated people know that the dead do not come to life).

Another important point is a zombie bite. What will happen to the person who was bitten by the zombie? There are at least 3 options: nothing (if you have not broken the artery), it will be very filed without proper treatment (you need to have a supply of drugs and first -aid kits) and will turn into zombies itself after a while (depending on the place of the bite and the number of bites will play the speed of circulation).

More – on the planet. Whether the zombiap will be associated with, for example, global cooling or the climate will not change, the sun is still shining, the birds are singing, they bathe in the sea? I like the option "Florida" (let’s call it like that) when the climate is pleasant and pleases the eye. And, by the way, where I start my way? In a country where all four seasons, or in some tropics? Or where else? And can I change locations? I like the option "Florida", But I want more realism and therefore I choose the central part of UK, the metropolis (the former – now there is a zombiepolis, there were a lot of people who were pushed). Ordinary climate, t.e., For me, all seasons are available. I start, for example, in winter, under NG))

And so, in our real life, something happens on our planet, which is why the world is rapidly immersed in zombies. Around chaos, you don’t have to work, but you’ll go out onto the street, it’s unsafe even to go to the store for food. I am in this situation in what position I am? That is, initially my basic possibilities? Who am I? Oligarch, military, hacker, unlimited girl, child, etc.D.? Well, the girl and the child fall away immediately (for me personally, of course), the rest of the options will not be impressed either – I want to play for myself the real. And this means that the average person of middle age, average prosperity, not outstanding abilities. In short, ordinary.

What am I doing? What I want and what I can? And – what will I do? Is I burdened with something? Do I have flaws?

Suppose I have a family, excess weight (but not obesity) and the average physical form. But in order to withstand the zombies, even a few, to be Schwarznegger is not necessary – and the crowd and special forces will break. I probably won’t quit my family and I will continue the life of the layman with the adjustment for safety, search for food, things, strengthening the home, shooting rare bandits. Here, in fact, a banal sandbox draws up – yes. And – no perks and pumping, except, except, perhaps, the real parameters of a person: breathing, muscles and ligaments, endurance, insignificant skills in certain skills (a clear thing that you will not become a car mechanic, even if you live on this matter, but You will not need to work systematically). Here, day a day, there will be a relatively monotonous life.

And I can also begin to lead a second life. And here, just. And the plot for the sandbox will appear! I want the plot? Want! So, for example, I secretly think of somewhere away from my home and family to equip a hidden refuge from which it is impossible to escape and which it is impossible to get out of a stranger, and I quietly begin the search and capture of young sexy-chan for my indecent pleasures)) And then everything It may happen: they can open me (moreover, quite quickly), but they may not open it, I can still become that pervert and even cannibal, I can repent and let them go (or cut, and fill up with the shelter so that no one is found) – In general, a full flight of imagination and realism.

Or I can try to good and justice and stumble upon such a asylum of zlydoye Pisyukatov, I will reveal all the traps and save the strap))

Or something else.

In general, it was I am extremely sparingly described the possibilities that would make the sandbox reigible and cause a desire to return to it again and again if there was an accidentally generated plot and opportunities for its debugging.