Developed by Nightdive Studios and published Prime Matter, this 1994 classic remake conquered players with his exciting gameplay and intriguing plot. Since its exit on Steam on May 30, 2023, System Shock received stunning reviews of both players and critics.

Even before System Shock, a lot of attention was borne: about 500,000 players were impatiently added to the game to the Steam desire list. This prenatal expectation became evidence of the excitement around the game and laid the foundation for its success.

During the first week after entering Steam, according to the Gamesensor forecast, System Shock reached amazing sales indicators, which amounted to almost 3 million dollars. The number of System Shock copies sold during this period exceeded all expectations, reaching almost 80,000 copies.

It is noteworthy that System Shock is available on various platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

English -speaking players make up a significant part of the System Shock community on Steam, they account for more than 85% of purchases.

Glory to everyone who makes them the cashier!

Ave to everyone who does it!

Immersiv-Sim that I could))

Actually, the 2 part is immortal. And this is just a bin simulator

And what is there so immersive, which is not in the first part?

The second part is more RPG

Xs. I have always liked the first part more. Without any garbage in the form of pumping, tsifs, weapons that in the future breaks from one bunch. The second to play from the firearm is trite not interesting in view of his disability.

And as for me, she looks more like a bio -chief.

Who what? Just a stupid nanite system that only interferes with playing normal, without a coope, the game does not work at all like a game, you write about the second system of shock?

Deus ex tobrush time

There is a fan mod Deus Ex Revision, with recycled models and textures and a mod that adds Render through Directx11 in the game. This is enough for the game to look normal. But the first System Shock was really an ancient sprite and with a bunch of problems with the interface. He really needed this remake.

GMDX 9 is better than a revision – closer to the spirit of the original, while no less beautiful than audit

Yes, but the holy Deus is also 20 years ago. Textures, and the smooth modern gameplay, natural animations and other joys will be very pleasant if these de people make it with the same approach. I hope they take this step as follows.

The developers of the latest parts of the DEUS EX game not so long ago received the rights to the trademark back from the publisher. The publisher did not allow other games in the series due to low sales. And now the inconspes are thinking of continuing to do. They simply will not have time to make some old remakes.

Ooh .. how I ducked into it, I can’t emerge) a wonderful burn. I want the second s.S. From these guys

Since when did 80,000 copies of steel "Awesome sales indicator"? Even for aa game.

So this is another author’s extension. What kind of hype is about, only he knows. In fact – this indicator is extremely modest, if you recall that pre -orders were opened more than two years ago (they are included in this amount) and the multi -platform future release, including the outgoing generation. Any Indiacetine collects so much, or even more often.

The information on 500k players who with impatience added it to the desired steam, but I just bought it there at best every tenth. Either patience was not enough, or on the contrary, they still endure. It seems that the expectations were still higher than the indicated figure. The remake turned out to be good, maybe the mouth will accelerate the word for the summer sale and the numbers will grow up.

Pixel graphics scared the players

Depending on what to come from. At the moment, about a hundred thousand people made by a small studio a game made by a small studio.

At the same time, the aggregate reviews give 89% of positive assessments.

Purchases are going on, despite the fact that since the start of sales there has not been a single discount on it.

Quite a solid result.

Depending on what to come from. At the moment, about a hundred thousand people made by a small studio a game made by a small studio.

From the facts you need to proceed, and not give out the desired truth. Judging by the news, 100k copies have not yet been sold at all on all platforms, and this is not only Steam, but also a GOG, and the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. Although it is not clear how they believed, if based on profit, then the commission is different everywhere. Steamspai shows with great error, especially with small sales.

Naturally, not units remember the game. Firstly, because it was the leader of the list of desired, ahead of the promoted blockbusters, and secondly, this is a cult project, the same show is regularly high in tops "The best villain of the video game". Well, and finally, it’s enough to look at the number of news, the degree of waiting and other coming factors, which are simply there are a priori.

The reviews are good – I wrote about this, there is still backlash, no one argues with this, the game is really praised.

Purchases have been going on for two years with GAK, pre -orders were opened in February 2021. Most of the profit comes at the start of sales, even before the first sale, this is almost an axiom. In some projects, only 100k is easily gained on the release, while there is not any exclusive a thread, there were opportunities to pretend to be a wagon, and regional price tags are quite democratic. It seems that people simply waited for the worst because of the series of the same transfers and inconspicuous demos, or preferred to wait, buying a different one, or pirate.

Again, depending on what to compare with, for the noun of the project, which started from scratch – undoubtedly. For this game with its backstory, I would not say that and certainly would not have earned, boasting such numbers. It is interesting what the budget was the operating room there, the studio was small, but they worked for a long time.

I write all this without negativity, if that, I can only wish them good luck. I did not wait for miracles, I did not nostalgic much, especially everything after the same demo, but glad that it turned out well and the playing people liked it. The numbers will still grow up, sales, plus console release.