Larian Studios released a small update in perhaps the biggest night of its existence, correcting several important mistakes, failures, and even some vulnerabilities relating to merchants. While the fifth patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 added the right epilogue to the game, Larian Studios also tried to eliminate some technical disadvantages of the game. A small update corrects a noticeable failure at the end of the second act, as well as a small number of other errors.

Notes to hotfix No. 13:

  • Fixed a possible failure when leaving Act II.
  • Fixed vulnerability that allows you to redeem the merchant for only 1 gold and container.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which the total price in pop-up hints inside containers was not updated when the contents change during trade.
  • Fixed balancing proposals for exchanging, which did not work properly when there is a container with gold in the proposal.
  • Fixed a bug due to which empty bags were sold to sellers at a price of the equivalent value of objects stored in this bag.
  • Improved performance in Baldur’s Gate after a peaceful resolution of the situation with the shield knights on PS5.

After 4 athi, I got crap that the Sopartians often dull when they follow the GG, the obstacles do not jump over the GG, although the force allows, then they will dull the wall, infuriates

My cubes instantly calculates, then stupid. The feeling that incredibly complex calculations are made in the game with any action.

I have such crap from the release.

I have 4 patch in the third act of the Sopartiye stupid, but the whole city was stupidly stupid, now everything is going well, not a single lag, I would say perfectly..

One of those jokes when the game needs to start from scratch, in order to avoid all the bugs because you yourself, you played on the old version, the cache and the remains of the code are stored and put off in the container of files, then the incisions are likely to repair the game, but at the same time, the sail itself is not cleaned from garbage, there is a request to the file and he sends nafig because there is no such code or it is rewritten, which in the end forms new bugs. Something like this (if in a simple language). But I understand perfectly well what can bomb after each micro-patch. Here, either play in a pirate on one version and not updated, or (if a license) – tolerate until they calm down with patches -_- .

Duc, I actually started it again on valor, and this is after 5 patch

Improved performance in Baldur’s Gate after a peaceful resolution of the situation with shield knights

Do not say. This is probably the only craft in the history of the gaming industry that will give birth to such pearls

This is a google translator? English is ok?

On that website? No

Even in the last patch, bugs climbed out, which in 300 hours did not see, jambs with textures and glitches with stretched figures, especially in the second half

The main bug with the stuck of the Sopartians (due to the different lengths of jumps for everyone) so from the release version and did not correct. Everyone jumped over the abyss and one stubbornly and then you need to constantly switch to direct control so that it jumps. This was infuriated on the release and now infuriates at the 2nd passage after a million patches. +Dumb conversations of partners constantly get out 50 to 50.

After visiting the brothel, I lost the display of armor. Already tired of the naked ass gg watch.

I don’t know how others have, but almost every day I have some kind of micro fixes for the game, which download in a second.

Seriously, good Ira and technically impeccable games – these have always been two big differences. I am sorry, as some are surprising from the fact that the game, you see, is artificial and imperfect, there is bugs in it and there is where to improve it.

There would be no rejoicing that at once a masterpiece was appreciated immediately, and not after years and after the bankruptcy of the developers.

Questions to adequate fans of Baldurs. I played almost immediately after the release, so I wonder if they corrected at least a little stupidity in this game.

1) inventory – whether he became, well, at least a little normal. Well, really, worse than inventory, it was simply unrealistic to create. I don’t understand how this game was four years in early access.

2) romance has become at least a little logical? And then, you did nothing, and absolutely everything fell in love with you, even those who have the same gender with you, what specifically spoiled the impression of the game.

3) not a fatal regime – it works fine?

Otherwise it was very unpleasant to find out that there was no sense from him in the quest of the witch on the balts. Well, the quest ended in disgustingly because of this.

4) characters began to react to their death logically? And then I somehow began to kill all the important Persians, straight at the start, and as a result, some quests made me, and when I immediately resurrected one of my victims, she continued the dialogue with me as if I had not killed her. But this is very stupid.

5) the characters who follow you are still stupid? They still enter the lava or other dangerous places in order to make suicide? Well, it was specifically annoyed.

6) I would like to correct children’s dialogs, but it is clear that nothing to change, so okay.

7) the radius of the reaction to the actions of the player in the NPS has increased?

And then I remember, I killed one gnome, and in about 15 meters there were two merchants who led the dialogue, so one of them reacted to the battle, attacking me, and the other calmly continued to chat with that second. And the funny joke, I killed the gnomes, and then, as it did not happen, I sold their things, to the very merchant who stood nearby.

8) and by the way about merchants – after their murder, it is still unknown where, 80% of their goods?