1994 classical game remake System Shock today received a major update. A remake combining the original gameplay with new visual effects of high clarity, updated control, processed interface and fresh sound design, can now boast of version 1.0, designed to improve the player’s impression from the game at the Citadel station.

We hope that these improvements will make a trip to the station more smooth and unhindered, but do not forget – Shodan always on the alert!

Among the numerous patch updates there are several critical corrections that eliminate the problems that could lead to failures in the game. Such malfunctions arose under various conditions, for example, at the entrance to the flight deck with outdated versions of DX11, when leaving the cyberspace and during the game of the game of Groove. Now players will be able to move around these zones without problems.

In addition, the patch solves several problems with ragders, which were previously dumped when loading into levels or saving. With this patch, this problem no longer exists. Also improved the behavior of ragdall on the human corpse attached to the cortex river. To see these changes, players will need to save the game at least once after loading the patch.

Weapons problems are another key area raised in this patoc. Weapons with installed moddates did not always correctly display the attachment equipment, and the Magnum laser sight did not work properly when loading the conservation with the sight on. Both of these problems were eliminated in patch 1.0.

As for the sound accompaniment, the patch corrects the mistake in which the music from the elevator continued to play even after the death of the player’s character and his revival at a different level. The disappearance of portraits of the audio journal under certain conditions has also been fixed.

Gameplay improvements occupy an important place in patches, for example, improved AI for enemies both in real and in cyberspace, balanced changes in the level "Cyberspace maintenance" and more functional laser point for Magnum weapons. Also added the HEADBOB option in accessibility settings and the new autosasion function for each use of the surgical machine, regardless of the level of complexity.

Among other improvements: credit machines will now issue three loans when using a financial chip, broadcasting monitors can be divided when attacking, and the miniPistol miniPistol Burst-Fire Modkit now shoots three cartridges instead of two, with the possibility of turning on and off.

In addition, the patch guarantees that the biotans will cease to generate the danger some time after the destruction, and the objects can be conveniently tied to the hot panel by pressing the hot key when the cursor is brought to the subject.