Hooded Horse reported the release date of Xenonauts 2, the long -awaited continuation of the 2014 Xenonauts. Reflect the upcoming invasion when on July 18, 2023, a strategic song game will enter the early access to PC in Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store.

In an alternative temporary scale, where the Cold War never ended, players should lead a multinational organization in coordinated efforts to investigate and reflect alien activity around the world. Build a global network of bases, arrest and train elite detachments to respond to invasions, and find out the true goals of the enemy as the war for the survival of humanity is aggravated.

Xenonauts 2 offers complete strategic freedom in the development of war. The bases can be built anywhere in the globe and specialized in accordance with the general strategy of the player. Successfully located listening posts can warn fighter bases so that they raise interceptors and shot down enemy aircraft that may investigate the nearest garrison. The enemy will also not ignore xenonauts – make sure that the most important objects are well protected, as the enemy will look for and try to destroy these bases.

The fight against aliens takes place on several fronts, and air battle is as important as the clash of the boots with the ground. Xenoanuts 2 offers interactive air battles in real time, when entire fighters can simultaneously attack alien ships. Maintaining the fleet in working condition and equipping the latest technologies is crucial for hostilities.

Detailed ground -based tactical battles Xenonauts 2 offer a diverse set of alien invaders hiding behind every angle that sympathizers helping, trying to promote the enemy’s work. Soldiers organically develop skills depending on their actions in battle, and as the level of technology for organizing veterans, you can specialize and equip advanced weapons and armor and armor. There are no classes in Xenonauts – only soldiers, and they can be configured with different equipment depending on skills, missions’ needs, or simply on what is in the arsenal.