Titanfall fans more and more fall into despair after the recent intra -game teasers, getting to the point that they are now rummaging in the Red Hot Chili Peppers catalog in search of tips about the potential third part of the beloved series.

Over the past couple of months, Titanfall 2 has received a number of updates that eliminate long -standing problems with servers and errors in old levels. Respawn has developed the game APEX Legends, which also technically takes place in the Titanfall universe, and in recent patches there were links to the date of the Titanfall Games. Despite the lack of official reports of any major announcements of the series, these teasers lead fans to many guesses.

Judging by the reports on Reddit, such as it, entitled "The new mode is a reference to the 3rd song of the album Red Hot Chili Peppers, I can’t stand it anymore", These speculations begin to quickly get out of control.

So, among the latest updates Titanfall 2 – regular updating of game lists. The last of them was the Otherside mode ("Other side"). As noted in the message on Reddit, Otherside is the name of the song of the Red Hot Chili Peppes group, in fact, the third song released as a single from the seventh studio album of Californication. Yes, "The third", how in "Titanfall 3", And until the seventh anniversary of the Titanfall 2 exit, only a few weeks were left.

Comments in this topic are quite diverse, but their tone is best expressed by this message from Elite-Soul, which says that "At the moment, it is either trolling at the level of God, or recognition". There is also mr_m0rte, which simply repeats "Titanfall 3 Real" again and again. Many players, arguing about Titanfall 3, are impartially respond to their own mental health, and the entire Titanfall community has turned, in fact, into memes about increasingly ridiculous speculations on the topic.

As for The Otherside, this mode has been present in the game for several years, just now he finally returned to the rotation of the playlist. And the Otherside song is actually the fourth song of Californication – it was only the third single released from the album.