Update 1.49 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 came out and is now available on Steam. This update contains errors, changes and new content.

HDR Skyboxes, Moon and new weather effects

First of all, by numerous requests, the developers added the moon to the night sky! This is a thin, but wonderful touch that adds an additional level of realism and surprise to your virtual adventures on trucks. Curious, but what may seem like a simple addition – the moon – for some time created serious problems. The integration of the Moon into the night sky demanded, among other things, drawing, rendering and calculating lunar light, controlling reflection in reservoirs, working with wet roads and eliminating mirror effects.

In addition to this, the night sky was also rethought, adding dynamic stars that gently flicker, increasing the general reliability of night impressions

Skyboxes will now have an expanded dynamic range (HDR), which means that the colors of the sky will be more saturated and bright, and the visual effects of the weather are also updated. Thunderstorms now include visible zipper, which provides more exciting experience. And be sure to follow the night sky in certain regions: you can be pleasantly surprised by what you notice.

Dealers of used trucks

Dot trucks will be available immediately in the main menu, where you can choose trucks that are cheaper compared to completely new cars. However, these former use trucks have a certain mileage and wear, which is indicated by their rating and a separate window, which contains detailed information about damage to various parts.

One of the most significant changes associated with this function is the improved system of damage and repair. Previously, individual details accumulated damage, expressed as a percentage and they could be repaired. However, with update 1.49 parts will be divided into three types of damage:

  • Damage: this type of damage can be eliminated with standard repairs, as before.
  • Details of details: components with signs of wear, it is necessary to replace.
  • Constant wear: Parts with constant wear can be restored only by completely restoration of the entire car. This is a more expensive procedure, but this is the only way to return the truck and trailer to the pristine state.

The advanced damage system provides improved control over car maintenance. Now you can make a conscious choice regarding which parts should be repaired or replaced based on your judgment. In addition, you have the opportunity to seek professional advice on choosing the best strategy for repairing your truck or trailer.

Modifiers of key combinations

Another very popular function that appeared in version 1.49 – these are modifiers of key bindings! Previously, when creating a new binding in the menu, only one key could be assigned for action. With update 1.49 You will now have the opportunity to use the combination of the key and modifiers to bind action. For example, now you can assign Shift + L to turn on the light if you want!

This opens up for you a completely new world of key combinations, providing more attachments, but this is not all! Now you will also have the opportunity to tie a short and long clip press. Keeping the key will be recognized as a long press, and the usual pressing of the button will be perceived as a short press.

Keyboard is not the only peripheral device using this change. Controllers will also be able to use this new function!

Automatic headlights

Another new function in this update is the option of automatic turning on the headlights. This is a relatively simple function: the headlights are turned on when the surrounding light around the truck falls below a certain threshold.

If this option is enabled, the position of the light light switch for parking lights is replaced by automatic lighting, so you can still turn off the headlights or forcibly turn on the headlights using other positions of the switches.

Also added automatic high light. This function will temporarily turn off the highlight when you have a vehicle (both in your lane and on the oncoming lane) and again turn it on when the vehicle is far enough.

This automatic high light is turned on if you click the highlight by the highlight by the automatic headlights or you turned on the headlights manually (if the range of automatic turning on the headlights is disconnected, the high light works only when the headlights are enabled manually).