Turn 10 Studios has just introduced new personnel of the latest racing game that is exclusive for Xbox Series X | S and PC. Forza Motorsport is already on the way, and today we can get acquainted with gameplay.

There are 119 days left before the start of Forza Motorsport, so the developers are already starting a specific racing promotion. The developers have several months to present the final details of production.

Turn 10 Studios decided to take the opportunity, and during the June Forza Monthly the studio decided to show and talk about the campaign from the last races. Forza Motorsport will present a completely new version of the gameplay called Builders Cup, which will offer the players a lot of pleasure – this is a regime for only one player.

Forza Motorsport developers have already announced that they have significantly redesigned the driving system itself, preparing a number of mechanics affecting cars (for example, air temperature) to offer a very realistic gameplay, but, as you can see, there will be no lack of lack of playing modes.

The menu looks like ha shift 2

Why so bad? Where is smoothing, why everything looks like a plastic?

In the same Snowrunner, which came out when, the graphics are better.

Yeah yesterday I watched the broadcast and fucked up from such a graphon, I thought it was just Uyutub so cut the graphone.I reviewed it in 4K today)) all the same.What happened to Forsa?The 7th part looks better.The backs are generally not loaded.The same problems were at the start of Horizon 5.

For whom it is written not final Quality?

For hamsters who are already running to buy pre -order.

If they pull the graphics in 4 months, good luck. Many studios that drain gameplay even 10 days before the release, then make them doubt them, because the trailers have one beauty, but in reality the bottom. And here is already in the plastic trailer.

Because it is Pastgen.

People are nectogen. New Forza Motorsport will not come out at the hobok. Only on Series. And in this game there will be a complete trace of rays.

So I don’t know what you are aching. See this first of the assembly that was last month, since preparation for the presentation began in advance.

,Secondly, with optimization, they have already made it because it seems like IGN said that the game is already on the girl at 60 ki and clean 4K. They just have to finish the polishing, about which they themselves wrote. That this is a pretext and this is not the final quality. So it’s best to wait for the release of the game. And then they chose not the most successful track. Since there are practically no trees on this highway. And there are no shadows.

And then they processed the game, the MB PIT stops will appear even normal with animation as in a gemple (trailer on the engine) then it seems to be possible to change the tires during the race, the weather change during the race. And a lot of processed content.

And you did not play, but already attacked the game. As for me, the game looks cool with trace

P.S The screenshot was not even paused from YouTube MB.

Yes, the game still has something to work on. So let’s wait for the release, and not to scream the game because of some first, the gample is normal, which was really recorded on Series x.

Now imagine what will happen to Series with? So, as a fan of Forsa, everything suits me (I have ~ 570h in my 7th part). Graphics will be compensated by new chips. Yes, she is already good. Waiting for nourburgring to ride it. After all, there are so many trees and tracks now 3D scanned. So if someone did not notice, then there were no more evennesses, small climbs and descents.