A small group of enthusiasts called VEK reported the release of English voice acting for the sequel A Plague Tale: Requiem. This name may be familiar to you, since in 2020 it was they who voiced the first part of A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Do not confuse this voice acting with Gamesvoice recently announced from the studio – it will be released only on July 21 and with a completely different acting.

Excellent, 1 part with their voice acting.

Survived) Choose English voice acting in two variks.

Well, in Dune 2000 there were more than 5 voices. Pirate of course, but rather tolerable.

So technically and these 2 voice acting pirate)

So I’m not saying that these official. The difference is only in the method "financing".

How can she have a pirate voice acting?)

What are great things, of course I went on the original, but the voice acting is good)

And with what voice acting now to pass. Heims Warri or this. On the other hand, this one is already here and now, and Vojis Toko in 2 weeks. The choice is obvious

This one is much better. Gam’s warriors and terms do not pronounce some names and terms. The same AmiWITHIya, the Gamies became AmiCand I. Maybe someone does not care, but it really hurts me. The first part of VEK was perfectly voiced. And the second I will pass only with their voice acting. On such an occasion, I decided to buy both parts with DLS, plus it is also distinguishing a discount on these games in Steam. So everything is super.

And the sense of these DLS? Why their mention. )

Maybe because amicitia is right? And the amisi is an unpopular version of the pronunciation of the name?

To the fact that they also go at a discount and I bought them about what was the question of

What are you? As you say correctly? Amicitia? Nude

Listen as if correctly, find out what country is this name, and then affirm! By the way, the same clumsy version of Hugo also cuts the ear terribly! Hugo is right! Here they have heard clumsy translations, and then they still argue!

familiar voices from the first part, second time go around the high

VAKA Channel Group, in my opinion the perfect dubbing! I recommend.

Wow, I am a huge gratitude to put.

No, the original woman sounds more than a more. There is a high focus

Good voice acting. I liked it, I will put. The game has not yet passed.

I’m glad, let at least 100500 voices be released by one and the same game. Directly the mini golden age for English dubbing occurs.

This is only in projects where there are not super many dialogs, but in the same Follych 4 or Starfille, dick will wait)

There are no tense points in Follych.

The point is the quantity, and this buy a sale Gam Waris would voiced 20-30 Follych 4 for Lyamov

I just bought Sednya))

Still in the game passes, the point of buying.

In the first part, the grandmother was coolly voiced in a young voice)))

You can, in principle, be relying.

I was lying under the table for a long time.

Oh yeah! finally this voice acting! Now you can go through the game! Urgently in Steam for buying both parts!)))

Keep in the know. If you don’t need, then someone else will try. Any work at this time causes respect.

Heyvyusy won rolled out the volume of the Third Silent Hill, so there are such pearls that it is better to play with English.

This is a game warrior professional voice acting?! Oh, do not mix! They are even correctly the name of AmiWITHIya cannot pronounce! VEKA was much better voiced. Games were not professionals with the genus.

Lan. Hold on the cloth.. And the amisi is somehow not very

Everything was fine up to the final scene, which was completely failed. Just compare it with English or French voice acting – heaven and earth. There are so many pains in the voices of characters, so much fatigue and at the same time love, but here they read the text purely. It is clear that for many it will be better than reading subtitles, but on such nuances, the impression of history is largely based.

Who needs it, let them evaluate.

Well, then the Voisas has better than the voice acting, IMHO.

Especially onions and Hugo, yes?

The boy has super intonation, but amias, as for me, "wood" And a played voice.

on the PlayStation 5 there is the opportunity to put?

Professional voice actors or a group of enthusiasts, hmm. What is the better voice acting.

In both cases, the actors voiced

It’s a pity it has already passed, to wait a year for the voice acting like this

Suppose. One hell will wait from the masters, but the first part is most likely to go through their voice acting.

Part 1 and 2, in my opinion, is the best voice acting from VEK

Well, it is better to wait for gam-shames of course, the guys have a banal prof.There are more votes

It is possible, but Gamesvoice has big problems with the selection of actors, the actors are not bad, just their voices often do not correspond to the characters, for example, a young guy is voiced by an adult man, and a little girl is voiced at all a little girl! In their voice acting Silent Hill, the actress announced the main character by her age 2 times older, and this is striking. She has a normal voice normal, and the acting also, but just does not fit the voice to the character. So they have no actors – children. And it would be okay if there were not many children’s speech, but when the main characters were voiced by not suitable voices, this is very bad, the amias of Gamesvoice is not bad, the voice is suitable, but the voices of Luke and Hugo simply drowned GameSvoice, when one boy has a voice an adult man, and the other has a girl’s voice, this is tin. especially taking into account the fact that their voice acting comes out after normal voice acting from VEK. Yes, Gamesvoice made a voice acting to many games, and they hire the actors good, but VEK picked up the actors better.

It is still better to play plague dilogy with French voice acting, for greater atmosphere.

All the same, there are few plot infe there, there will be enough for her for her.

I do not understand how you can plunge into the atmosphere of the game, if you do not understand a word by ear, all the atmosphericity is just that you understand the speech of the characters by ear, I have never read and will never read subtitles if there is or will be Voice

Gamesvoice is much better

yeah, especially onions and Hugo, yes? The fact that a young guy is voiced by a man who is 3 times older than him, and a little boy is voiced by a girl – in your opinion it is normal?

with anilibria or a slumber, make voice acting than this belching

The game is deck slag. The voice acting will not fix it.

There is nothing better than a French original

For those who understand the French language by ear, yes, the original is better for them, for me it is better than English voice acting, since by ear I understand only English, well, a little English, but in French and I know a single word.

so there are subtitles for this or you did not know?

Not everyone likes to read subtitles, most people prefer to hear speech in a language that they understand, or you did not know?

I go to the game to read subtitles or play and monitor the actions on the screen? or I should sit and look at the screen with one eye and the other at subtitles that one would be the other in Europe?can I still watch films with subtitles?