PUBG developers: BATTLEGROUNDS released a small teaser of the new card, called “The City of Glory”. Earlier, PUBG Studios revealed some features of the new map, which was developed under the code name Neon Prime.

We do not want to change the game too much, but we want to make changes so that you can experience something else, "Eating chicken". We are going to add elements in the middle of the game that will progress depending on the efforts of the user, as well as add game missions, for example, go to a certain place and get certain items or kill certain players.

The new card should be released in the game until the end of 2023.

Alas in Pabga, there have long been more minuses than pluses.Even the constant new accounts that have been in the game for a couple of hours and scribble good reviews in Steam – will not blur the real state of affairs.Like PABGU has long been needed radical changes.But not how much in the gameplay, how much – make a truly good anti -cheat and ban even macrosniks.Freedia- pre-vocational.Make it possible to register one free account for the device.If you are a friend banned – so that there is not even an opportunity to buy a new account.Well, or at least a paid fulprase account.Many people would have been earned at once.And people who count on an honest competition would return to the game.Next – the choice of cards.Make cards once a month.Three cards available for choice.Or voting system for maps.Which are not available – change them, modify them, levela design, environment. roll out next month instead of previous.Or once every two months.Further.Source Ranked and the usual regime.So that there is no extra separation of players.Then the matchmaking match will be faster and at the same time – Long live the solo version of Ranked, etc. Selling skins.Yes, return the fucking sale of skins to the site.The people would return to Pabg.And there would not be 450.000 online of which 200-250.000 baths every week – two, and they are also returning.But Pabg never hears anyone and does as he considers it necessary.

It seemed to me alone that on the vidos the teaser of the new lutboxes and not the card?))

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