The IGN portal presented a new video in a series in which the performer of the role of Orin from Baldur’s Gate III reads and discusses vulgar comments of fans. Maggie Robertson already has experience working with unusual fan reactions, as she previously played the role of Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.

Some players disappointed the inability to make love with her character. To this, the actress replied that Orin was focused on her skills in the possession of blades, and not on intimate ties. Fans did not forget about the image of Dimitrescu either and one of them told, "What collects pictures with Orin as I used to collect pictures with dimitrescu".

Today it became known that UK is included in the top 3 countries according to the number of active players in Baldur’s Gate 3. This indicates the popularity of the game in this country. Also today, developers have released another hotfix for RPG.

And Türkiye in the TOP sales?)))

And Türkiye then and ?

Apparently due to accounts for purchase on some prefix. I guess

I liked her Persian. Original, at least. Perhaps I will kill her last 🖤💗

She is funny, appears here and there – entertains the player, not like these recluses sitting in their towers is free.

Fans in his repertoire) Sooner or later, the game will still receive sex mods, because the available sex five, with ghostly clones, with a vampire, with a bear, with incubus, with tentacles, it seems that there seems little to players. Devil who is canonically bad in bed? We stir! This is bad for incubus, and for a simple mortal, maybe just. Tasteless villain, similar to a unwashed raccoon? What an irresistible gangster charm, how he looks at Dark Urge and clearly hints at the common past! Give an affair urgently! Manican Harley Quin, so that striving to feed you with a ghoul from a poor cat? We want sex right on the sacrificial altar in blood and guts! A terrible spider-man with a flashlight? Wrap all eight legs! However, isn’t it the same thing in almost any game? I still remember how some were outraged by the absence of a novel with Nick Valentine in Fallout 4. So what, that a synthetic robot? There is machine oil!

Unfortunately, it is sometimes noticeable that some fans do not see the difference between a beloved character and actor, and can be very intrusive and tactless. But it’s good that actors with humor are about the fallen popularity. Some, like the Nile of Newbon, who voiced Astarion, seem to even get sincere pleasure from fan -fingers and become more playful than their character – although, it would seem, much more.

Take it with her. Well, the tastes of some fans look like a undead have sex

Do not condemn! )))) The undead can look different in different ways! You, for example, Bloodrayne remember.

She looked like sexy and this. I don’t even know how to describe

By the way, yes, I also thought that they would make it close to her) but no.

In general, the game lacks the opportunity to become an absolute evil. To be among that trinity. Ehh.

So, and the branches of the dark temptation for you why?

When you cut out All – This is not that.

We need enslave and so on:/

So there are just options for such endings

But not those. I want to be among the trinity

That’s not. what? Orin in the game is much more beautiful and sexier. And this is some kind of nasolated librarian. How can I now associate Orin with Orin, not with her? You killed my interest in the game!