Starship Troopers: Extermination, a first -person cooperative shooter in which players will have to join a distant battle with alien arachnids recently received a roadmap of early access. As part of the avant -garde of the deep cosmos, the players were entrusted to the mission to return the planets captured by the threat of Arachnids.

The developers of the game recognize the courage of the players, noting the valiant battles that they fought on the planet of Valak. However, they also warn that the difficulties that they have encountered so far are only the top of the iceberg. According to the received data, it is expected that Arachnids will strengthen their onslaught, making attacks with greater strength and number. According to forecasts, the battle for the protection of Valaki and the future battlefields from these inexorable creatures will be an exhausting test.

Despite the foreseeable difficulties, the developers gave soldiers a ray of hope. The dossier describing the early access road map gives an idea of ​​the upcoming strategies and amplifiers, which are designed to give the troops the opportunity to effectively withstand the developing threat of arachnids. It is important to note that this roadmap can undergo changes on the basis of players’ reviews and changes in the development of the game.

At the first stage will be launched "Assault and safe mode", and "Arc Slam mode". After that, game mutators, a new mode will be introduced at the second stage "Horde", Profiles and statistics of players, installations for heavy machine guns (HMG) and a new game zone on the Valak map.

At the third stage of the players, an advanced system for the development of classes, improvement of abilities, and introduction awaits the advanced system "hive", award system and the ability to exchange special weapons.

At the fourth stage, the center of players will appear, emotions and clans will be introduced, many new types of weapons, a formidable boss of the Bag, support for marauders and adding a new planet to the game.

At the final stage, meta-game will be introduced "Galactic war". This stage also includes customer customer, a new class of troops, a global death counter and an increase in the amount of cruelty for those players who love more acute sensations.