Not all members of the Starfield developer team can talk about Starfield. In fact, only very few Bethesda employees can do this, including, of course, Todd Howard, as Emil Pagliarulo, who follow him, explained on Twitter, who watches him, that he is watching him, that he was watching him. cannot speak out on certain topics.

Paljarulo is glad that fans are looking forward to the release of the game, but he is forbidden to talk about her:

I know that this is not what they would like to hear from me fans of Starfield, but I want to make clarity: no one except Todd Howard has the right to talk about information about the game that has not yet been made public. People from our PR/Marketing/Community Department do this. You have many questions, I know. And my very vague messages about the game did not help. I am really glad you are waiting for Starfield. Seriously. For me it is amazing. I’m very sorry that I can’t answer 99% of your questions. I cannot share my opinion on the content of the game; I cannot talk about performance; I can’t discuss. In general, most of the topics. I signed an agreement on non -disclosure of information. I’m professional. I don’t want to be fired. But for us your support is all. You fill my heart every day. The best fans in the world.

For those who do not know, NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) obliges those who sign it not to disclose the confidential information of any kind, in this case, related to Starfield.

The meaning of the said Paljarulo should be clear enough, but, by paraphrasing it, we can say that this is a call not to strain the developers’ team too much with questions that they cannot answer under the contract. Of course, the joy of such an interest should be huge.

For the rest, we remind you that Starfield will be released on September 6, 2023, exclusively on Xbox Series X/S and PC. In addition, it will immediately be launched in Xbox and PC Game Pass.