Battlestate Games has released a new major update today for its popular shooter Escape From Tarkov at number, which includes a new location called “Ground Zero”, designed for beginners, achievements, new boss, new weapons and many other changes.

The pearl of the update is a new city zone called Ground Zero, designed for beginners from 1 to 20 levels, where PMCs of higher levels are simply blocked for entering. On the other hand, wild will have access at any level. It will include new starting quests and is located in the center of Tarkov.

The new boss named Kollontai is now wandering around the territory along the streets of Tarkobva with a small number of thugs, and his closest associates of Basmach and Goose will join the existing boss.

The coastline area was processed, and the following new weapon was added:

  • Small-sized automatic machine KBP 9A-91 9×39 caliber;
  • Rifle KBP VSK-94 9×39;
  • SIG MCX SPEAR 6,8×51 automatic.277 Fury);
  • Degtyarev machine gun RPD 7.62×39;
  • Degtyarev machine gun RPDN 7.62×39;
  • Updated models and animation of Simonov SMO SCS 7.62×39.

Another rather important change is the addition of achievements to the game, as well as the “Hall of Glory” zone to the shelter, where you can put your trophies, including enemy tokens, which will even give a bonus to pump combat skills. Armor and hitboxes were redesigned, along with jumping and overcoming obstacles, as well as the opportunity to change the shoulder of weapons.

You can find full notes to the patch at the link.

Well, all, run, I don’t want to.

A different wild trouble will make more than PMCs with a good equipment

On the new city map, bots in the rat are sitting tightly, I would not call it "card for beginners".

And optimization was added with a new karka?

on the streets and the lighthouse it became even worse, so no

Even the guys are not in a hurry with the release

0.15 will come out in a year, with her the release was promised

Why are traders only buy, but do not sell and do not change? I can’t buy anything from them, there is no button "Fill out goods". Fit for money and objects of Barter is not active.

The version of the game of the game: "Edge of Darkness", Patch. 0.14.

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