Egosoft is happy to report the upcoming large update 7.00 and new extension X4: Timelines for the X4 space simulator: Foundations, which recently celebrated its fifth anniversary.

For many years, your support allows us to continue to work on X4, improve it and create a game that is very important for us, as for many of you. Thanks to all our players, all the creators of the content, all the modders and, of course, to everyone who worked on the game all these years.

Go to the unprecedented cosmic Odyssey with X4: Timelines, the latest addition to the Universe X4. Using new ways to introduce new players with the main game mechanics X4, X4: Timelines will delight long -standing fans of space adventures.

The new exciting storyline, the action of which unfolds outside the sandbox X4, prepares you for colossal tests and unexpected adventures in the depths of history and legends of series X. X4: Timelines is your way to unknown territories and unexplored stories.

In the new storyline you will take on the role of Harper Donez, a merchant in the border territories, which is not averse to conclude risky transactions. A fateful meeting will not only change your short -term plans, but also shake the foundations of your understanding of the Universe and everyone who lives in it. Get ready to plunge into a fairy tale with intrigues and revelations.

X4: Timelines is not just an extension, it is a revolution in the Universe X4. If you were an experienced spacecraft researcher or a newcomer in the galaxy, this exciting new chapter promises to conquer you with a combination of secrets, adventure and strategic gameplay.

Although the next extension is strikingly different from its predecessors, one thing remains unchanged: at the same time with the expansion, a large -scale free update for X4: Foundations will be released. More details will appear in the spring of 2024.