At the moment, the Belgian company Larian Studios deservedly "bathes in the rays of glory", Thanks to the release Baldur’s Gate 3, However, 10 years ago everything was not so rosy. Divinity: Dragon Commander – Strategy with role -playing elements that had not the simplest development history.

About the release Dragon Commander was announced on August 11, 2011. Until this moment Larian Studios called the game “project d”, just as Divinity: Original Sin called “Project E”. Dragon Commander It was presented to journalists at the Gamescom exhibition in 2011 and attracted attention with their new idea, which is often described as “Dragons with jetgrays”.

Dragon Commander I thought simultaneously with Divinity: Original Sin, After the exit Divinity II in 2009, the hasty development of which left Larian Studios in debt. At that time, the company had only about 30 full -time employees. The rate was made for 2 projects to fix the difficult situation. According to the CEO Larian Sven Vinka, Dragon Commander originally conceived as a larger of two simultaneous projects, and
Original Sin – as a lower in size and more traditional role -playing game released by the first. However, over time Larian We decided to focus on our efforts on Divinity: Original Sin and expanded it, as a result of which the funds were redistributed from Dragon Commander, and he was released in a state that Winka considered the unsatisfactory. According to the CEO, Larian “Killed” Dragon Commander, releasing it too early, but salvation could find it if Divinity: Original Sin He showed himself well on sale. As a further history shows, the company is only stronger over the years.

A English composer and musician Kiril Pokrovsky worked on musical accompaniment. A man who gave a lot of memorable tracks of the series Divinity, He died in 2015, at the age of 50, but his legacy will live for many more years.