Gamesvoice studio revealed the release window of the long -awaited English voice acting for Hogwarts Legacy. Information appeared in the official group on VKontakte in the form of a stylized letter from Hogwarts. The release will take place tomorrow, December 28, 2023 between 16:00 and 17:00.

The release of Hogwarts Legacy took place on February 10, 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.The project received high grades not only from critics, but also from ordinary players. Immediately after the release, the studio of voice acting and transfers announced the raising of funds for the voice acting of this project and on February 19, 1 was raised.9 million rubles.

Great! Now it will be possible to play normally.

Well, as it were, it was possible

I waited for a voice acting and did not play from the exit of the game. I was able to wait 😎😋

I also waited and did not play!

And I played two days on the release and removed later, I also decided to wait for the voice acting.

Alexei Vypolodin, Khakiludovic, Kartonkratos 😎💪

I was waiting! How did I wait! thanks for good news! Somewhere there my 200 rubles did not disappear in vain) everyone with the coming!

Mutually. All kind and bright!

Yes, not in vain. But I didn’t have time to put it, the collection is closed like

SUNNE OF THEIR PRODUCTION. Right now on alan wake 2 is collected.

In each such news, one and the same thing – at least one praise with his "but who needs it, this voice acting", "Yes, everyone has already passed for a long time", "The game is still – crap", "V 2K23 not know Inglysh – Fuuuu" and t.P. It is not easy for you, probably, lives.

I congratulate all Zhdunov of this voice acting!

I will finally go to 4K HDR at a sword on all ultras at 4090 on Duagsens with its support and with Dolbi ATMOM 5.1 sound completely in English. Ouuu Eae.

As he took off from the tongue, I would put ten pluses if it were possible)

That is, to wait for the over the years of the translation of some game, not to play only because there is no voice acting – this is normal. And if people immediately went through without any problems because they do not need it and they are surprised (that you are limited and waiting for voice acting for years) – this is how you put it "Difthento"? Maybe the opposite?

Do not even dream, at 4090 the game goes more or less comfortable only in 4k without rays and with a frame generator, with rays there is a very strong fall

I have been waiting for this localization of 12 years in Azkaban!

I’m afraid to imagine what was with you there (:

The letter extension is attached only to the serial numeral, not to quantitative. That is: "to the 9th floor, until the 11th grade, until 2024", And never — "9 floors, 11 classes, 12 years old" and t. D. Such a spelling is a bright sign of illiteracy.

A wonderful gift by the end of the year.

Ay! Finally. I doned to voice acting, I was waiting for voice acting, I will play with voice acting! Mischief managed))

All with the upcoming!

Chic, put off this game when I found out that there would be a voice acting.

So I will go through it only a voice acting😌

Excellent))) I was really looking forward and had already passed a little entry of the game, but then I decided to remove and wait for the voice acting and now it will appear)) I will play further with comfort

It’s good that I didn’t play the output. Year of waiting and now you can play and go through the game human! Many thanks to the guys for their work! I’ll go prepare my things. I took a ticket for Hogwarts Express for tomorrow. Just to understand how to get to the platform 9p. The adventure begins!

Plus another mod on FSR 3 went to her (you can use free from DLSS), but of course this is only relevant who does not have 40th series.

To get to the platform you should be from 11 years old and not 30+

Well, the mother and father of the Weasley somehow passed. So yes, your sarcasm is understood, but not canon!)))

It’s time to download

He played the game for 40 hours but did not go, he decided to be replayed with voice acting later, and now the hour has come

I am one of those who have been superimposed 500r. And this is not even much based on the result. I am very glad that they will post it before the holidays!

Chic gift for NG. Handsome.

Now there will be a reason to go through without reading subtitles and breaking eyes

Yeah, I really thought they would not be released this year. It will be possible to double -check.

Well done, quite quickly provided that good quality.

Promptly raised funds, as many as 2 lyama 1.900 thousand. And this is a long time

And how much do you think the voice acts should be done? At least study this issue, find out how and how much official dubbing for games were made, so as not to write like that in the future..

As I said, do not pour, they prepare a surprise on NG)) I congratulate everyone!

Oh. How have I been waiting for a long time. Otherwise it was difficult to read. Especially when you fight or do something, you do not always have time to read, and therefore lost the essence of what is happening.

I definitely wait, voice acting, so that it is already enjoyed in full.

It’s hard when you read by syllables

It’s hard when you are distracted on a fight)))

I also did not play and waited for English voice acting, but it seems to me that the game will be a boring garbage and drops after a couple of hours.

And I’m still waiting for Dead Space Remake, voice acting, promised in the summer.

With Dead Space Remake, there is some problem in sewing files back so for so long

I managed to the same) but I would like to know more than the reliable window, otherwise the scatter is 60 minutes, well, how can you build any plans?

The site will probably lie down, so you can not worry

Yes, I do not worry, I have passed on the release, I do not plan to re -free

I wonder if it was worth it? We will find out very soon!

This is of course a wonderful fit on NG. If the game did not look like a mmo jerk. He played it after Genshin and when one or another, familiar to Genshin, the function worked a little wrong, then I constantly had to remind myself, they say, it’s not a genshin, this is Potter. And the English voice acting of this feeling unfortunately, alas, will not correct this.

As for me, it would be better if they made a game on the likeness of the plot. Like small stars we enter the first course. Learning at school. Then we learn that GG has a predisposition to ancient dark magic. And here is a plot turn. Either GG refuse to use it and a branch of dark magic is blocked, and then it helps to suppress the uprising of the goblins and appears on the side of the teachers of the school, or takes it, opens a branch of dark magic, and then we play out dark plasticine and perform on the side of the rebels and at the end we storm the hogwords. Then there would already be figs with moss, she would have taken out at least a plot, but it was also not brought.

12 years languished in Azkaban

In the universe Harry Potter, waiting for RPG

And to the place of this, the Avalance Software

E ** th Genshin slip me.

Even if they could only do as in the Genshin, then the same Levelgates of the Wanderers, it was possible to replace a surpraise, with courses. Completed all the tasks, passed the exams and go to the next course. And then we get out of our private "In a detective agency", which will be incurred by Jews.

But no, we can prescribe GG only with the level of luntica or cheburashka. Like XZ came from where, and even in dark magic owns.

Further, generally complete nonsense. Like, we cannot send him to the first course, he is too adult, so he must hand over the entire program with an external, immediately from the fifth year,. Yes, even a specialized university can be transferred to another by a maximum of the 3rd, and do not care how old you are 13, 30 or 300. And then, if the items are crossed. Immediately a conversation by the soul of a teacher with the dean, they say I feel great power in him. You can’t leave it like that. Otherwise his local Voldemort will feed and then the star is all to us. And here our Skywalker is already sting in the 5th year.

That’s just this suspended "gun" with dark matter it turned out to be just a clap.

From whether we will leave for ourselves dark magic or not it does not really depend. Unless if we leave it all the same, we will be able to dump Voldemort.

Agree. I also waited for a magic RPG, but I got xs that. Barely for 5 hours played and dropped. Voice acting will come out, I’ll try to see at a different angle

Successful release and game.
But I miss this game.

That is, do not read subtitles ? That is, my eyes will rest a little ?

Until I played the game, I waited for the voice acting great news will come out

I just thought to buy a game on sale. I liked the pirate, it is worthwhile to double -check the license.

It is free, or?

Yes! It’s free!

Why then are you teaching Ukrainian? And Kazakh Kazakhs? You are not enough at all. Immediately learn the English and all.

People. UK has its own state language. In other countries, too. The only language that you must know is the state language of the country in which you live. But you do not have to know other languages. Therefore, to get that you own English – well, this is. All the more so, even knowing English, playing your own still stupidly nicer. But you are well done, of course.

Why did you teach him, just interesting. Here to play a couple of games in the original, the same incentive, personally does not stimulate me well. I also tried to teach both the tutor myself, but it is so hard and I threw. The last time I tried closer to the forty.

Another teacher in life from 7B grade, which already understood everything in this world.

Listed even before a heap of how many electricians, doctors, chemists, athletes, lawyers, mathematicians, programmers, etc.D., in percentage ratio, and then running a march, this is all to teach.

For some reason, when the theme concerns English, a crowd of Zomerks immediately crawl out of cesspools, shouting "Aryayaya! This is an elite language! Come in handy. You must know! You are not obliged to translate games for your language for your language. Redayaya!".

But when you were suddenly served in a pharmacy, you are not running to study medicine for self-medication, but scribble angry reviews, what for your money they still make you do something. Either in legal terms, or in physical, or in chemical, or in technical, it does not matter. After all, if you paid the money, you expect that they will work 100% and kiss you in the ass. But when English, there at once "This is another!". There at least your legs will be wrap about you and they are hung on your face – it is to blame for yourself! It was necessary to study the most fashionable, most popular, most necessary language! My uncle said to me so.

And do not rub here about "These are vital needs, otherwise games". Of these examples, there may well be a situation of not compulsory nature, as well as the need for entertainment, but it does not advance anywhere "fashionable movement" the requirement to know the rest of the aspects of life as Inglish, who can stand in the last places in the priorities of life, and not at all because "Yyyy, village!", but simply because people may have other classes in life.