Saudi Arabia regulator announced on Twitter that the sale of Final Fantasy 16 is prohibited in the country. The reason for the solution is not explained.

Twit with an ad says:

“For fans of the Final Fantasy XVI video games, we want to clarify that it will not be released in the kingdom due to the refusal of the publisher to make the necessary changes”.

The ban is likely to also block the sale of games in the United Arab Emirates.

Games usually prohibit violence, gambling, nudity, sexual topics, drug use and alcohol. Among the games banned in Saudi Arabia are the GOD of War series, the GTA series, The Last of US Part 2 and so others.

As if there are a lot of players, in this settler of fanaticism and wild traditions

Well, I don’t even know, in UK for some reason it does not reduce the number of players.

In the English Federation, these are no longer representatives of the sovereign Muslim state, but smoked pigs bydlyatin

In the English Federation and without Muslims, fanaticism and savagery are enough (although it is full of them). but play – play)

You’re wrong. If you only have to communicate with people, in your opinion, the moral level of morality, civilization and education at various Internet forums and in life, most likely, you are most likely, you have come under a typical "The mistake of the survivor". So, usually in such places and forums adequate people are rarely.

I wonder what will happen to those players if they find out about them that they play forbidden games

but nothing will happen! there will be a maximum verbal censure.. since because of some games a person can leave Islam. T.To. They affect a religious theme, magic, etc.D.

I thought that on the preview of art to Fable))

How does someone have a country, not your country, why rage ? I also found me defenders of the agenda, tfu on

In a foreign eye, the sorinka is visible, they don’t see logs in their own) everything is simple.

I think this birdhouses are not very upset.

Loool poor, and maybe for the better))) xs xs

Everything is clear – the wife -like men without hijabs, so they banned.

This is what will happen if you give power to all kinds "regulators" (͡ ° ͜ʖ °)

There are gays there are Korean and girls lesbians naked too! Arabs try to protect their youth from all nasty things and anime.

Thanks about our time reasonable

Yes. And women are not quite considered people. Generally handsome people, what.

Korean gays were in FF15, and on semi-naked lesbians I am not at all averse to gawk. Nobody has been dying from good Yuryatina yet.

It’s a pity that there is no one to protect you poor.

Games usually prohibit violence, gambling, nudity, sexual topics, drug use and alcohol.

In theory then such "Developed" countries should prohibit almost all games, films, series and books. But then they would not be hypocrites

You are at least in the know what hypocrisy is? The final box was banned due to the agenda. Turn on your head before leaving the comment

And in addition to your head, I advise you to turn on your eyes. Although you read it, which means that your eyes work, but did not understand the essence.
I specially selected the text, but it is written not about the final, And pro Bannies in general, There is such a term, generalization.

Once one game was banned because of violence, then in theory it is necessary to prohibit others

Oh, what evil backward arabs banned the game due to violence! But just because of violence, and not because of an overwhelming number of clayes?

Well done. Although someone is actively a click on the nose of the developers that the Western agenda is normal all over the world, and not just in the West, where this schiza is forced at the state level.

If they don’t click on the nose, then they will not understand that there are many different cultures, different societies and arrangements in the world, and in most of them all alphabetical people do not want to see.

Only punishing them financially can come to the fact that the agenda will become at least a little smaller.

No one will make their games under the wild Muslim animals living according to medieval customs, in which a woman still has as many rights as a dog.

Don’t say that you don’t know. In the pre -Islamic period in Arabia, women were in an unenviable position. Historians mention, among others, facts such as the killing of the young girls with their own parents, who could not feed them because of their poverty.

With the advent of Islam, the structure of the Arab society has changed significantly: gender roles have undergone significant reform. As evidenced by scientists, with the advent of Islam, the situation of women in society has improved significantly. Sharia laws provided them with much more rights to choose their own path than laws in some European countries at that time. An example is that French law limited women in legal capacity until the second half of the twentieth century. Another example is the need for the law of obtaining a woman’s consent to a “marriage”, which is considered mandatory in Islamic law, but was not such in a number of laws of European countries. According to Sharia, marriage was a kind of “contract”. In Sharia, women were also endowed with the right of inheritance, and this right was given only to men before the adoption of Islam.

Talking about the situation of a woman in Muslim countries, the authoritative scientist Annemari Shimmel noted that if we compare her position in Islam with her position before the adoption of Islam, then it is clear that the progress in improving the social status was huge: this is also indicated that the fact is indicated that the fact is that the fact that that a Muslim according to Sharia was endowed with the right to manage her wealth.