Mack Arthur, producer Battlefield 2042, who was invited after the release of the game to save it, gave a detailed interview where he spoke about the biggest mistake of the developers and about the future of the game.

The developers hoped for another reaction from the community and admitted that they could not initially create a game that could be considered excellent, as it seemed to the trailers.

"Judging by our statements about the game and how we presented it in trailers, I think the fans expected more from us, but we initially could not reach such a level. But our team was persistent in their desire to rectify the situation and provide players with what they expected from Battlefield. At first it was difficult. It was difficult to take a negative reaction of fans. The players were disappointed, but we understood that this came from their love for this franchise", – Mack Arthur shared.

The developers spent a lot of time changing the game and were able to notice that with the first season, fans began to change their opinion for the better. This gave the authors inspiration to work further.

The most controversial solution in the game on the release of Mack Arthur considers the abolition of classes. He says the idea was good, but was not realized as expected. The system was not clear for players.

"Each specialist was originally developed taking into account the class structure, which was present in previous games. We simply could not explain and improve the system enough so that players could understand what role every specialist should play. We appreciated the significance of the binding of these elements to the basic principles of the gameplay, the classic Battlefield team and team work. This was one of the most serious mistakes that we made", – The senior producer counts.

Mack Arthur calls the transition to the fifth season the first big step forward. He believes that now developers really control the game and strive to find new ways of interacting with the community. Electronic Arts has already confirmed plans to rethink the franchise.