Model Edward Badalut, who gave his face to Leon Kennedy in remakes Resident Evil 2 and 4, demanded that the series fans delete unofficial accounts associated with his image. In the comments that were subsequently removed, Badalut could not do without criticism, noting that people were leading "Garbage accounts" And what is he at all "Not needed" Similar fan accounts.

Some of them fulfilled his wish, switching to content based exclusively on Leon Kennedy, or completely closed.However, there are still those who continue to post images and videos with badly, while often subjecting a model of sexualization and its further objectivation.

As a result, Badaluta transferred his account on Instagram into private mode. In particular, fans have already noted that Badaluta deleted materials related to the Resident Evil from his profile, probably wanting to distance himself from this role. Looking through these accounts, it is easy to understand why they could deliver the badly inconvenience. In the comments, many not only give him a sexual character, but also ridiculed his Romanian accent, constantly creating memes about how he says.

In general, many Resident Evil fans criticize those who, as they think, cause him inconvenience, if this is really the reason for his rejection of fan accounts. They criticize fans for not being distinguished by Badalut from the character whom he played, speaking of him, just as they would talk about Leon.

This is not the first case in which the actors from the Resident Evil had to take steps to protect on the network. So, Lily Gao, who played the role of ADA Wong, was forced to disable access to Instagram after receiving thousands of hated messages after the release of the Resident Evil 4 Remake. This was mainly due to the fact that Gao is a newcomer in games, and some fans used it as an occasion for the persecution of the actress.

It is not entirely clear whether Badalut will make any statement about this or simply continue to maintain its profile in private mode. It is also incomprehensible whether he will return in future games, or CAPCOM will begin to look for a new front model.