Baldur’s Gate 3 debuted in the market, and what kind of debut was it! The number of players playing at the same time grew at terrifying speed and currently a record for the number of simultaneous players on the network is 472 136. There is no shortage of stunningly positive reviews.

The vast majority of comments related to the last creation of Larian Studios are positive that it is not surprising – Baldur’s Gate 3 praised for the plot, graphics, freedom of choice and pleasant gameplay. However, players highly appreciate not only the game itself, but also the developers. They especially liked their approach to microtransactions.

On Reddit, one of the BG3 fans published Larian Studios to one of the burning questions – whether there will be microtransactions in the game. The developers replied that not, because they consider it possible to provide exciting game experience without additional monetization in the form of an opportunity to buy anything for a real in-game currency. This is not the first address of the developers to this topic – such information is also contained on the official website of Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Larian Studios approach was positively met by gamers who do not spare warm words to the studio. Fans praise the developers, also mentioning Fromsoftware, which also relies on creating an exciting gameplay, deprived of microtransactions.

From the comments it can be seen that fans believe in the vision of Larian Studios. Similarly, ASMONGold Utubert said that I bought Baldur’s Gate 3 not to play the game, but to support the developers for their exemplary approach to creating games.

Utubert directly stated that any developer who decided to release a game that offers full experience without the function of buying additional items and improvements, deserves respect, since such situations, unfortunately, are not common.

At the end of his video, Asmongold noted that in recent years, independent developers (such as Larian), producing indie games, have shown that you can create a very pleasant and full experience without making an additional fee, and, as he said, over the last 3-5 years he received more pleasure from playing the so -called "Indie", than from AAA products.

Finally, we recall that Baldur’s Gate 3 is available on a PC through Steam store. On the consoles PlayStation 5, the game will debut on September 6.