The main goal of the developers was always to find a balance between the quality of the new content and the convenience of playing various hardware settings. Over the past decade, they managed to maintain compatibility with a wide range of systems, sequentially improving both visual effects and gameplay.

Today, SCS Software reported that they update the recommended characteristics of the PC, especially for the graphic processor, processor and memory, while playing for the transition from a hard drive to a solid -state drive for a significant increase in performance. Infographics below demonstrates these changes.

It is noteworthy that the requirements for equipment since 2012 have not changed much. However, given the improvements in the last and upcoming content for ETS2 and ATS, the developers believe that it is time to update the system requirements. These updates clarify the hardware necessary for optimal performance, providing a gameplay with a resolution of 1080p with 30 frames per second in medium and low settings. It is fair to admit that the previously proposed equipment may no longer comply with this standard due to new content and upcoming improvements. The video card, which was originally recommended, has not been sold on the market for many years, which makes it impractical as the standard, therefore, updating recommendations based on more modern equipment is justified.

ETS2 and ATS will still work on old systems. However, this experience may not always comply with the standard of 30 frames per second. In this case, it is recommended to configure and, possibly, reduce quality settings in the game to improve the frame rate.

Technically, these changes in the system requirements will become relevant with the release of the upcoming technical update 1.48.5. However, the developers wanted to provide this information now and explain the reason, as they are going to start updating all the pages of games and DLC in the Steam store.