This year at the PC Gaming Show exhibition, the game Parcel Corps talks about how to bring home products as a courier on a bicycle. You can see yourself either with another nameless screw of the capitalist machine, or a valiant courier that defeats villainous competitors – it all depends on the prospect.

When you arrive at New Island in this game, similar to Jet Set Radio, you can complete the delivery tasks for one of the three corporations: das-la Poste is an elegant pan-European company in which former Olympians who are looking for an income source work. East Coast Couriers is an American company seeking to enter the world arena. And finally, Wallaby Whelers is the Anglo -Australian cooperation, which is not very interested in the fact that these upstarts invade their territory.

The corporation you enter into, will send you through the whole New Island in the race for delivery of parcels, until the clients are tired of waiting.

The director of Billygoat Entertainment Will Barr wants Parcel Corps "Take and play". The team bypassed mechanics from other bicycle games, such as balancing and other technical points that emphasize the physical component of bicycle driving.

"When I sit on a bicycle, I do not think about anything like that; It just happens", – Says Barr. "We tried to make management free and, I hope, intuitively understandable. We allow you to do stupid things, for example, jumping on the wall, and it automatically begins to go along it, and you can make such acrobatic tricks".

In addition to design, Billygoat Entertainment is trying to match the style of games that inspired it. "At one time I had Sega Dreamcast, and I was a big fan of all these colorful, unusual, arcade games", – Says Barr. "In particular, in games such as Jet Set Radio, you can return to the HD-interpretations of PS3 and Xbox 360. But if you play the original now, it still retains its relevance – in any case, visually".

"Sometimes I just want to play a beautiful, colorful video game to relax, enjoy and forget about all your painful problems in the real world", – He jokes.