In the fourth season of the fourth chapter, new improvements in reality appeared, with which your robbery will pass as a clock!

It will not be superfluous

Opening any container, you will find one of the items found in valuable bags.

You absorb the health of enemies when you get into them from a sniper rifle.

Gives ammunition and increases the number of ammunition that falls out of enemies.

Your first shot from a shotgun causes increased damage.

Your pistols have reduced rate of fire, but the inflicted damage is increased.

You swim faster in water and instantly collect prey in fishing places, sailing through them.

Use old tricks

These well -known improvements in reality will be useful to you during the robbery.

  • Small fingers
  • The first assault
  • Complete pumping
  • A hard hand
  • The last chord of a submachine gun
  • Klyuchnik
  • Parkour!
  • Inexperienced vampire
  • A peppy pace
  • Obtaining medium -caliber cartridges
  • Therapeutic mud
  • A targeted blow

Grab the spare equipment

During the robbery, it may turn out to be useful anything, Including weapons from the previous season and returned from the storage.

The pistol with the silencer underwent processing and became fully automatic!

  • Weapons from the third season of the fourth chapter

Short -fang shotgun

Automat with a muffler “devastator”

Rifle with a thermal imager

Trophy shotgun “Ruster” (exotic weapon)

Catalyst trophy shotgun (exotic weapon)

Trophy PP “Shoot and run away” (exotic weapons)

“Blood” (exotic weapons)

Shock grenade (not quite weapons, but still a useful thing)

Get valuable intelligence

The guards guard not only the bases, but also the towers scanning the storm. If you manage to overcome the chief of security Revezers, A key card will fall out of it to download storm data. Load them after the tower scatters the terrain so that you and your associates find out where the next circles of the storm will be!

Fight for survival and glory

Fight to get The medals of the survivor! To get the next category of medals, complete the task of the surviving in the Royal Battle of Royal or Zero Height, according to the conditions of which you must survive the specified number of rivals, At the same time Having made a certain amount of elimination. The higher the degree of rarity of your reward, the more complicated the assignment. The most dexterous survivors will be able to get a medal of the 1st mythical discharge!

Medals are divided into seven categories of rarity, and each of them has ten categories. Here they are:

  • ordinary
  • Unusual
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Exotic
  • Mythical

Having earned the medal of the 1st ordinary category, you will also receive Decoration on the back “Prize Lama”. Receiving the 1st category in other degrees of rarity, you will open new styles for the “prize lama”!

Meet accomplices

The gang of robbers is headed by a clever swindler Nolan Chance. You will be able to get Nolan’s equipment, his accomplices, and even the cado of Thorne on the combat passage of the fourth season of the fourth chapter, and Nolan’s equipment will appear in you Immediately after buying a pass. Who else is going to business? Pepper velor, which masterfully knows how to leave the chase, Mount of muscles Karasteroid, hacker May and resourceful robber in a mask Anthony.

Got into a difficult situation? Then feel free to contact a new participant in the Star series – Khaby Lame! He knows how to simplify everything. Tiktok star became the hero of the military pass to help the team defeat Thorna.

Overview of all equipment of combat passes of the fourth season of the fourth chapter: