Starfield will receive support for NVIDIA DLSS 3 and DLSS 2, which will be available at the start through the mod, which was confirmed by PUREDARK Moder.

Starfield is the most anticipated AAA -game of this year and the last game from Roleviks from Bethesda. The game will have many planets for research, as well as the ability to travel through the spaces of space on their own spaceships.

A few months ago, Bethesda announced AMD with its exclusive PC production partner. Thanks to this partnership, the game will appear in the game for AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon graphic processors, as well as FSR 2 support, which works on all graphic processors. Although the presence of functions for a PC is good, it deprives NVIDIA users of access to their excellent dlss 2 and DLSS 3 scaling technologies, which, as it turned out, are much superior to AMD technology from AMD. Thus, a huge part of users of graphic processors with DLSS support loses the opportunity to use the entire GPU potential, despite the fact that such a large team of developers as Bethesda has relatively easily integrated this technology into the game.

Yesterday we talked about the fact that the game does not contain any DLSS and XESS files in the pre -download folder, which means that these technologies will definitely not be present in the game when starting. Although many people hope that they will be integrated into the official game, it seems that Pure Dark Modder has again taken the task of providing DLSS-Generations PC-Gamers owning NVIDIA graphic processors.

PUREDARK has already promised to add DLSS 3 support in the game during the early access, which will begin on September 1, but in its recent message it once again confirmed that support for DLSS 3 and DLSS 2 will be implemented in the first days after launch. This, of course, will please gamers and especially owners of the RTX 40 graphic processors who can get a significant increase in personnel thanks to Frame Generation technology.

It is hoped that the AMD partnership will have a good effect on the Starfield PC version and that the technologies for improving quality AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS will not be used for poor-quality optimization. A lot of unsuccessful ports have recently reached the PC, so crossing the fingers in favor of the game, which will work stably on the corresponding hardware of the PC.