Owner actors Baldur’s Gate 3 cannot forget about their favorite characters and have now compiled players for players, focused on a particular character.

The star composition, voicing a cult role -playing game from Larian, constantly uses its roles outside. Not so long ago they played a party in Dungeons and Dragons and have now moved to the creation of specialized musical playlists. As they say, love your work, yes?

So, Neil NewBon, who played the role of a vampire Astarion in BG3, decided to introduce a lot of rock to his 10-hour playlist. From a psychedelic, relaxing tone of Doors to the breathtaking severity of Disturbed – this playlist has everything for lovers of heavy rock. The sound time of the playlist himself is also more than appropriate, because Astarion is an eternal creature wandering in the shadows of Faerun.

For the playlist Halsin, actor Dave Jones, of course, emphasized the notorious romance of the character, which players can experience on their own experience. There are many dreamy melodies in this playlist, but the composition of the Unholy from Sam Smith is especially distinguished, as it should be, given the druidic circumstances of the halsin. In these compositions, the dual nature of the soft and often furry giant – a dreamy trance and a ferocious wicked beast is deeply disclosed.

Samantha Beart (Karlach) in his specialized playlist completely and perfectly reflects what it means to be Tifling-Warvar. Heavy metal, inner battle and notes of emo of the 2000s – this is what is the pearl of its playlist.

Finally, Tim Dauni fantastically represents his character in his melancholy player. The experiences of the wizard from Waterdip, who accidentally destroyed the world, are perfectly transmitted through numerous, mournful classical compositions.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a phenomenal game that really pays tribute to the old Rolev Games of past years. But her status of the world hit, most likely, would be impossible without the work of an impressive cast, whose playlists can give an additional idea of ​​the imaginary, but frighteningly realistic souls of the main characters of BG3.