The new Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most ambitious role -playing action from Square Enix, in the development of which three large game studios managed to participate at once. Reportedly, in addition to the already declared internal team from Creative Business Unit III, the projects of the Japanese industry, known for the best slasers and RPG, made efforts to the project. We are talking about the studio Platinumgames, known for Nier: Automata, Metal Gear Riding: Revengeance and Bayonetta, as well as a team of developers responsible for Kingdom Hearts.

Additional studios confirmed their participation in the development of Final Fantasy 16 through a special message, which marks the fast release of the expected action. Here’s what the representatives of each team wrote about their experience on the game:

We have never had experience in a project of this level, therefore, when we first turned to, this, of course, caught us by surprise. But the team of developers, including me, was very excited by this opportunity, saying something like “this is Final Fantasy 16” and “we will never have another chance to work on Final Fantasy”. Therefore, we happily took advantage of this opportunity and brought it to life. Takakhisa Taura, who previously worked with Square Enix on Nier: Automata, led the developer team and the Platinumgames team. He led the development as a team leader, and I am sure that the part we worked with has ultimately became high -quality content. So, I look forward to the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic world of Final Fantasy 16 both as a creator and as a fan.

– wrote Atsushi Inaba, president and chief executive director of Platinumgames.

I am glad to report that in fact the team of developers Kingdom Hearts took part in the development of Final Fantasy 16. We united our forces in battles and the like, but, frankly, this was a surprise when we were originally offered this idea. It would seem a bold idea! It is already difficult to achieve the scale of this level, being a game based on actions. And it was even more insanely to hear their plan to combine efforts with the teams of developers, each of which uses different creative methods. At the same time, when we learned more about the plan and plot of the game, the whole team wanted it to work, no matter what. In a sense, the game was created in an unconventional way, but partly because of this we feel that it was created in order to deliver exceptional impressions, so please try! Thank you!

– added Ty Yasue, Co -Coreman Kingdom Hearts.

The producer of the game Naoki Yoshid added that since the scale of the production of Final Fantasy 16 was so huge, and the studio first tried to create this full -fledged game in real time, they needed help. They turned to the teams of Platinumgames and Kingdom Hearts, seeing that they were well versed in creating an action game. He said that both teams did not want to help at first, but then joined, learning more about the game itself, and did everything possible to create a unique gaming process.