Bellatores is "Real MMORPG for computer games enthusiasts" (without a mobile version – only for a PC), the budget of which already exceeds $ 40 million. Her exit is scheduled for 2024.

We already know several facts about the game, but thanks to the new interview, we learned even more. So:

  • Work on the game has been underway since 2016
  • Bellatores will be devoid of P2W elements (therefore, a paid business model will probably be accepted)
  • It is expected that the storyline will play a very important role in the gameplay
  • The game will have 5 warring fractions with which you can fight in large -scale battles
  • Each faction will have its own history/plot, form and politics.
  • Each fraction will have "Players’ advice", through which you can vote for the elements on which you want to concentrate, such as battle, production and economics.
  • World bosses will wander around the game world and influence the environment.
  • Console version "Located in the plans".
  • The gameplay will be based on the team game, but the creators will also introduce many things for solo games.

Bellatores will not have standard levels of experience. Instead, the development of the character will occur due to obtaining a reputation, craft and adventure.

Instead of ordinary "you need to be at the maximum level" I wanted to give players the opportunity to develop as they want, without attaching to some level.

In the online game, the level is a number that easily and simply determines the overall strength of the character. However, since this is not accepted by us, instead we think about a system in which the character’s abilities can be expressed through a certain title or reputation.

Bellatores will also not be divided into standard class classes. Players will be able to freely develop their avatars, simply studying their choice skills.

Of course, you can still create "typical" warrior or priest, but due to the lack of imposed classes, you will always have the opportunity to develop in other ways.

We wanted to create a game in which you will find your role, doing what you really want to do, not a role -playing game with a certain class. For example, keep a sword and use magic, or be a magician, but at the same time play the role of a tank. That is why we have accepted the pumping method based on skills.