Last week we talked about the arrest of Darina Tyron Harris – the author of the Tarfield gameplay leakage, the custodian of the marijuana reserve and thief. And the other day new details appeared – the police report claims that he was able to steal 67 copies of the game.

Dozens of copies of Starfield were stolen from the warehouse in the Memphis (Tennessee), owned by Vantiva, which is engaged in logistics and management of supply chains. According to the report on the incident from the police department of the Memphis, 67 copies of the game are estimated at $ 2500. (The real cost is most likely higher. If all specimens were standard publications, then the total retail cost would be more than 4600 dollars. The Starfield collection publication is sold at a price of $ 299.99.)

Having received the game, Harris loaded a 45-minute video material on August 22, and the video from the mobile phone screen quickly became viral-both because of the nature of the video material and because of the alleged lack of skill with the player. Harris allegedly sold several copies of Starfield on the Mercari website, Kotaku reports. He later published a video on which he sends copies of the game.

Todd, no offense, dude. This is a good game. The ideal time when you can leave the earth and all that. They said that I play as a beginner, because I am not a game expert; I just tried something. This is a good game – don’t miss it. Starfield is a cool thing.

A few days later, Harris began to close his accounts on social networks, and on August 24 he was arrested and placed in custody. The local edition Memphis Commercial Appeal reported that the police received a warrant for a search of Harris’s House. They found a FedEx package with a sealed copy of Starfield and six copies of the game in two editions, as well as marijuana and three pistols, one of which was reported. According to the statement, Harris told the police that he had purchased these copies of games legally.

Harris was released on a bail of $ 10,000 on August 25. On September 8, the court awaits him.