For the developers of Square Enix, standing behind the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and its sequel Rebirth, the translation of the series into a more focused on action was a key point, but at the same time preserving the tactical decision -making process characteristic of the franchise was especially important. They succeeded in this thorough balancing in remake, but with the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, this basic concept is expanding even more.

In an interview with Game Informer journal, the creative director of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Tetsuya Nomur and the host of Teruki Endo talked about the unique balance sheet, which they have to observe when developing a combat engine, and that the strategy element is the main part of the history of the franchise.

“I have an idea of ​​what the Final Fantasy battles should be and how the battles of the game in an interview Game Informer should be felt. “We want to preserve this element of strategy untouched, in which the player will take into account the elementary weaknesses of enemies during the battle, using these actions and participating in battle. This has always been my main conviction of how we should approach the battles of Final Fantasy. I thought it was really vital for this game; I did not want it to be a game in which there will be actions or battles based on reflexes; We wanted to unite all these elements “.

Final Fantasy 7 2020 remake deserved a wide praise for his approach to the “alteration” of FFVII, and the combat system became a special praise. Having elements of a fascinating game with characters, it is also close to the use of combat teams and special attacks in the transition from a step -by -step format of the original. In Remake, the battle resembled a reflex fight in which the attack, blocking and evasion was performed in real time. Nevertheless, you still had to choose moments to perform tactical commands in order to prevail over enemies.

In Rebirth, in battle, even more tactical elements will become at the expense of command attacks in which group members will be able to combine receptions in battle. According to Teruki Endo hostilities, in the Final Fantasy series there are many characters who bring special style and usefulness into battle. It was especially important for Rebirth to allow the battles to demonstrate these characters and give them the opportunity to enjoy the moments.

“Since in the Final Fantasy series, great attention is paid to the characters, I believe that the action strengthens this and allows the players to plunge even more in the characters during the game,” said the host of the fighting. “Along with strategic battles, which, in my opinion, are key to Final Fantasy VII, I wanted to see how best you can combine these two elements of command and battles based on a strategy, with an action that will plunge into the game”.