The release of the new Bethesda Game Studios game is nothing more than an event, and every new game, as a rule, attracts a huge number of players. The long-awaited science fiction role-playing game Starfield was released today after several years of waiting, and it seems that Bethesda expects that after the release she will gather even more players than all previous games of the studio.

This was announced by the director Todd Howard in a recent interview with BBC. Speaking about the exclusivity of Starfield for Xbox, Howard noted that the game benefited from the fact that Bethesda Game Studios was able to focus on a smaller number of platforms, which he had repeatedly mentioned in the past, and added that, despite the exclusivity for Xbox, according to him , it is expected that the science fiction RPG at the start will receive more players than any of the previous games of the studio.

When you do something exclusive, the more you can concentrate. You know that this is hardware or what people play, so the opportunity to focus on this always gives the best product. Of course you want people to be able to access the game. But working with Xbox facilitates us access to the game, and, as I was told, we expect that more people will play this game [at the start] than everything we did before, and despite the success of our previous games.

The fact that Starfield will enjoy success, like the previous games of the company, few doubts – in the end, according to estimates, only during the period of early access to Premium Edition has already been played by more than 2 million. Man, however, to surpass the indicators of the previous games Fallout and The Elder Scrolls will be an amazing achievement for the game, which is not a multi -user release.

For comparison: Fallout 4, released in 2015. On PC, Xbox One and PS4, more than 12 million dispersed. copies around the world on the very first day. Apparently, Starfield should surpass this indicator, so the task, of course, is not easy.