Capcom has launched a site dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Monster Hunter series.

The Monster Hunter series will celebrate its 20th anniversary on March 11, 2024. The first game of the series, Monster Hunter, was released for PlayStation 2 March 11, 2004 in Japan.

Currently, the site shows the Monster Hunter logo dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the series, the main illustration "Hunter’s Edition" and a message from the development team, but in the future it is planned to make more announcements.

Here is the full message from the developer team:

Dear fearless hunters. In March 2024, the Monster Hunter series will celebrate its 20th anniversary. We, the Monster Hunter team, would like to express sincere gratitude to each of our players. Only thanks to your support we were able to achieve this significant line. In the first part of the game, published in 2004, players could own five types of weapons and hit the road from two settlements: Kokoto and Minegard. Since then, for two decades, hunters overcome the snow mountains, the sea, ancient ruins and unknown continents. We are absolutely shocked by what love and enthusiasm you created this series throughout these years. Your valuable reviews and contributions constantly help us add updates oriented to the user and create even more advanced game capabilities with each new game. Monster Hunter: World have a response to people around the world. Despite the fact that due to pandemia we could not meet many of you directly, you sent us a lot of warm messages on the Internet. We cannot but thank you all for everything that you have done for this series. We hope that 20 years of success will remain behind and in the future, and we will be able to offer you even more, even better and even more exciting hunting adventures that will delight and amaze you. We invite you, dear hunters, to join us on the upcoming journey. Happy hunting!