Synced, developed by NEXT Studios and published LEVEL Infinite, transfers players to meridians, the devastated zone populated by deadly nano – former people transformed by nanotechnology, who tragically went back. Players have to take on the role of runners-brave hunters for success, looking for a meridian of a nerve, a valuable nano-energy substance.

Synced offers a joint gameplay for three players, while the runners can increase the size of their detachment, synchronizing with Prime Nanos and turning them into deployed Companion Nanos. Runners will be able to strategically use the skills of their companion Nano to complement their play style and turn off the course of the battle.

For those who like to be a lone wolf, Synced offers a solitary mode for players who also want to cope with Meridian tests on their own.

Companion Nano – This is only one of the ways in which players can adapt their arsenal in Synced. During each race, players will find exchange tokens that allow them to acquire random bonuses known as “exchange mods” – their validity expires at the end of each race, but they give a long -awaited, although temporary increase in power. Additional prey abandoned by defeated enemies can be returned to Heven, the base of the runners, and forever use the runners as mods. Both temporary and constant mods are taken from the same pool. Runner’s equipment is equipped with modes to the players in a pre -set equipment, but also increase their level of force, which will make them stronger for threats that lie deeper in the meridian.

Guntech For weapons, this is another way for players to determine their style: this weapon is unlocked during the game and has special functions that change the mechanics of conventional firearms and add unique functions, such as “Obvious cycle”, who remembers all the released bullets during reloading. additional damage on the way back.

The NEXT developers team is hard to create new runners, nano, cards and much more to ensure a stable flow of future content to update the first season, which will be released shortly after launch.