September and October are full of release games, so there is no doubt that Larian did the right thing by releasing the Baldur’s Gate 3 PC version for four weeks earlier than the planned period. Another company, obviously, was very inspired by this act.

Ubisoft not only reported that Assassin’s Creed Mirage "She went to gold", And more simply, she completed the development. We were also informed that the game would be released a week earlier than the planned time, so Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be released 5, not on October 12.

On behalf of our entire team, we look forward to when you can explore Baghdad of the 9th century with Basim. Now your journey will begin on October 5. Save the new date!

As a team of developers repeatedly stated, with the release of this chapter, a series of assassins will return to its origins, with a more linear gameplay and a refusal to increase the level for the main character.

The game will be available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

– In Baghdad, everything is calm ..

Then wait another six months if not more.

It is a pity that events do not affect the times of Mesopotamia, how many interesting things could be combined there. Babylon, Assyria, the Hittite kingdom, the Sumero-Akkadian kingdom, the Parthian kingdom. Wars, wonders of the world, first writing, the first cities, the first states, etc.D.

It’s all not interesting

This historical segment (and not small) is clearly not arrived in games and the anniversary could crank the same focus through their conveyor as with the last two parts, and especially in Odyssusi, t.e. This will be even further along the chronology from the between the Templar between the Templars and the Assassins and the only convenient narrative "thread" which can be justified by the name Assassin’s Creed in such projects (which was already successfully operated in the rest of the restart) – this is ISU with their artifacts and architecture.

I agree, but I think that the medieval Baghdad is no less honey

What is there on denwo? As always?

Certainly. Same "UBASOFT". They don’t just shove "Dunya" everywhere. They do not clean her and then. They have a policy of this: each downloaded copy of the game from torrents is not a bought copy.

So we rest and continue to play BG3 and other games. And given how the anniversary is released.. It is better to wait a year, while all 150 DLS rolls up, correct bugs and so on.

Why do they need these DLS from the anniversary? They did not do a single normal DLS.

Yes, you can re -process AC4, for example

Now I am doing this. As for me the best part.)

It seems to me, or the game does not have advertising at all? I remember the past Ghost Recon, after Wildlands which also came out. Neither hearing, nor spirit, I did not even know that the game came out. They have no money left for advertising at all?

I agree, not at all in the anniversaries, given how Watch Dogs, AC 3, Unity was previously trained.

When it comes to them that it was not in (As a team of developers repeatedly stated, with the release of this chapter, a series of Assassins will return to its origins, with a more linear gameplay and a refusal to increase the level for the main character.)

What roots are we talking about if it was again noticed "magic" and other game in a trailer, it is like roots? Maybe they should (for fun) to reconsider what was popular there AS2 and in general the whole ruler Ezio, It was the fact that the game was strong in the atmosphere, on the plot, on the script, on the characters, on realism, the bar was put (+- at that time, for a second = in the first part refused the crossbow, because it could not be then, Here is a trifle for you, some mother of his crossbow was not a canon). Then it began-teleports, shaking the rainbow of the idea, some kind of know-the-notes of characters, clumping 100,500 with blows on the mobile for at least it would have to scratch him, but which can kill you with almost a look, etc., I was satisfied with the old battleship and who was satisfied with -This can say that it is shitty, but it is more put on the realism of 1-2 strokes and the mob died, and the hidden blade was so van shots and the battles were beautifully set if you hook the computers and what we see here. Do not forget- the game was conceived as DLS to Valgal, and therefore it is not worth waiting for cardinal changes.

P.WITH. I do not perceive the games of the series from the Orijin branch as a game about the assassins, an attempt to repeat the success of a witcher and no more, but better I will play a witcher than this nonsense.

That is, the apple of Eden is historical, but there is no crossbow? )) Google when he was invented.

The crossbow was removed due to gaming design. The developers thought that he faces stealth too much, allowing the player to shoot from a long distance. There are missions in the game where you need to use throwing knives or get to the goal from behind, and the existence of the crossbow makes these actions meaningless.

I fully support the fighting. Yes, the assassin was a single -button earlier, but this was his essence – an attack, counterattack. For that everything was beautiful and stylish. Now it is just a sulse jamming of the goal of preliminary. The fact that the hidden blade does not kill the target even from the invis is generally absurd. In short, I subscribe to every word.

In principle, the new Assassin engine pumped from Farrekaya and Vechdogas is a squalor. It is some kind of plasteline, it is felt very wretched. After all, the same problems in Farraka – a shot in the head does not kill the target. In the shooter! Yes, how is it so? Some levels entangled, but there is no sense in them at all. Skill on 1-2-3-4 is a masterpiece. Like in mmorpg straight.