Gran Turismo 7 and Forza Motorsport is the result of a long process of improvements, which Polyphony Digital and Turn 10 have been carried out for decades. In addition to improving the gameplay in their series, these two games also established new graphic standards, while pursuing different goals.

Trying to reproduce cars, tracks, lighting and weather conditions as authenticly as possible, two studios used different graphic solutions: PolyPhony Digital preferred certain aspects, and Turn 10 – others. Both results are impressive, but which of the two is better? The result of a two -week analysis of Digital Foundry was a very long deep article and video analysis lasting more than an hour, which compare each Gran Turismo 7 detail for PlayStation 5 and Forza Motorsport for Xbox Series X | S.

Both games were compared in 4K resolution, a frequency of 60 frames per second and with the HDR disabled so that you can play on them on an equal footing. The comparison was focused on general elements, for example, by observing the same machine, on the same highway and in comparable time of the day. Generally speaking, Gran Turismo 7 embodies its own version of photorealism with deep and bright colors typical of the perfect day, while Forza Motorsport uses a more dirty and specific palette. Exclusive for Sony is based on cubic maps, and an analogue for Xbox – on reflections with ray tracing.

It would be a rather difficult task to report all the differences between the two games, since many details were analyzed, sometimes very subtle and meticulous. For additional information on this subject we refer you to the original source or, even better, to a comparative video at the beginning of the news, but we can still say that Gran Turismo 7 was eventually chosen the winner.

“I do not dare to express a final opinion, but in the end I have to do it,” wrote John Linneman. “I believe that both games can offer a lot, especially visually, and my opinion should not affect your satisfaction with one or another game. Having talked with the whole DF team and based on the game experience of both games, we decided that Gran Turismo 7 can be considered a more visually impressive game of these two ».

Both PolyPhony Digital and Turn 10 concluded Lynneman, demonstrated exceptional abilities because “creating something of such a level with such a level of quality is extremely difficult“. Both games deserve our admiration, regardless of the platform.