As Gearbox Publishing and developer Gunfire Games, Remnant 2 will be announced today for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC in Steam and Epic Games Store on July 25. Pre -orders are already open in various digital stores.

3 publications are proposed to choose from:

  • The usual costs 2869 rubles. and only includes the game.
  • Deluxe publication costs 3449 rubles. and includes the game and 3 recruits from Remnant: from the ashes
  • Ultimate publication costs 3999 rubles. and includes all of the above, as well as 3-day early access, a survivor set, a DLC package of 3 sets.

"Steam opened pre -orders for Remnant 2"

We play this

Deluxe armor sets can be found in the game! Keep this in mind. Infa in Steam

No one has asked yet, I will be the first, but Dunuvo will be there?

No, no, there was no first.

I somehow did not even play the first, with which game it can be compared with?

Resembles sangs like Dead Cells. And the soul reminds.

Dravoy, yes? Someone compared with the purchase of Elden Ring.. I would like to remind, especially beginners that the game is designed for hundreds of hours.

And that news with an inside pro "Exit in summer and price tag $ 50" was right))

I played in Remnant 300+ hours, and then this is more in solo and in survival mode (Solo and online). I did not spend so much time in the complexity of the apocalypse.

Remnant he loses in the column and locations, there is nothing masterpiece.

The entire emphasis of the Remnant series goes on bosses and reiglabiness – the generation of worlds (BIOMOMS). So that for one passage you do not see all the bosses, in others. part of the bosses can be repeated, some of the new.

In total, this also allows you to find rings, weapons, get talents. There was even a program for this: D to look for the desired location.

Everything, too, in essence, I see in 2 parts, only there a little. the system will develop classes, choosing what is important to you.

A friend of course accused the first remnant on a release of numerous those. problems, I did not find it, t.To. I saw him a year later. I hope a lot was taken into account for 2 parts, but I repeat, the price tag at once in all regions is high, there is not where it is much cheaper, in general, the purchase of Remnant 2 should be justified for reiglable for hundreds of hours. And if one of the DLC is really the survival regime, it will be even more justified.