Final Fantasy 16 was also analyzed by the new comprehensive video Digital Foundry, according to tradition, with an analysis that gave a lot of praise for quality and graphic style, but also found some problems, in particular, in relation to the productivity regime at 60 frames per second. .

The analysis defines the Final Fantasy 16 as “One of the most advanced games tested this year“In the technical section under consideration, although”it is by no means perfect“, Referring, in particular, the” Productivity “mode.

Journalists also note that the roots obviously go to Final Fantasy XIV.

As for the graphics, DF praises polygonal models of characters, rendering of fabrics, materials and microdetals, visible primarily in rollers. In this regard, you can see a certain gap as between gameplay and katsets, especially in relation to the characters, but there are different levels of quality even between different Kats.

At first, animation may seem strange if you expect a more realistic approach, but this is just a matter of getting used to this style. The strong presence of blur in motion can irritate some users, but this is a subjective question. There is no dynamic transition between day and night: the light is not calculated in real time, but “baked in advance”, t.e. It is preliminarily calculated to obtain maximum coherence in an artistic plan, combat scenes with eicons are especially spectacular.

As for the resolution, in the “graphics quality” mode it is dynamic and varies from 1080p to 1440p with an increase of up to 4K, and in “productivity” mode, dynamic resolution falls between 720p and 1080p with an increase of up to 1440p. The latter, combined with TAA, is reported “does not look good”, including because the game seems to use FSR1, not FSR2.

Digital Foundry tested the version using a patch of the first day, but they did not find any special performance improvements. In the quality of the graphics mode, performance is stable at 30 frames per second, while in the performance mode there are many problems with supporting 60 frames per second, with frequent falls of up to 40 frames per second and below the threshold necessary for VRR intervention, which, thus, is thus , solves the problem.

The game more stably supports its 60 frames per second during the battle, where the resolution falls up to 720p, and all the cuts are blocked at 30 frames per second. In general, Digital Foundry recommends playing in a much better “graphics quality” mode at a speed of 30 frames per second.